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It is likely that each of us who receives parcels, at least from time to time, may face the notion of a damage report. However, many people do not know exactly what it is and how it works. In this article, we will look into details at the concept of a parcel damage report is and in what cases it may or may not be compiled.

What exactly is a damage report in the context of parcel deliveries?

A parcel damage report is a written note or remark that a customer puts on the document which serves as a proof of parcel delivery. It may though depend on the country and the selected delivery company whose services you are using, but most often, a damage report can only be made at the time of parcel delivery and in the presence of the courier who made the delivery.

Given the above and given that the courier will not be able to stay and witness your opening the parcel, we can already say that a parcel damage report concerns only those defects that a customer may potentially see on the outside of the parcel.

In case when a customer notices any damage only after having opened the parcel, such defect will not fit under the damage report mechanism, as it will call for a different procedure, parcel damage claim, that we will also touch upon below.

Considering the above, always remember to be attentive to the external condition of your parcel at the moment when the courier delivers it to you. If due to the external damage to your parcel you are sure that its content is damaged as well, you can file a damage report.

Is a damage report required in case of a damaged parcel?

Yes, but only if you want to start a litigation process with the transport company on the basis of the fact that your parcel was delivered in a damaged condition.

Please note that by signing the POD (proof of delivery) the customer confirms that he/she agrees with the state the parcel was delivered in and basically confirms that he/she will not raise any claims later on about the external condition of the parcel.

What happens in case of filing a parcel damage report at the time of delivery?

If you compile a damage report (these will be your remarks on the proof-of-delivery document that the courier provides you with) after noticing any external damage on the parcel, it will have to be validated with your signature and with that of the courier. After this, the courier will take your parcel damage report with him and it will be deemed submitted to the delivery company.

What happens next depends on the country you are in and on the transport company that you have chosen for delivery services. As for the common practice, it is the following: within several hours or days, you will be contacted (most often by email) by the delivery company in question. It will probably ask you to provide additional evidence of damage (such as photographs of the damaged package and its damaged content) and to fill in some forms to gather all the information it would need to work on your claim.

What if the customer discovers damage only after opening the parcel?

If after opening the delivered parcel you notice that its content is damaged, you may start a reclamation process with the transport company by filing to it a parcel damage claim in writing. Once again, such a reclamation process usually differs from one courier company to another. Though some of them (such as UPS, for example) accept damage claims within 14 days of parcel receipt, it is recommended to do it as soon as possible after you got your parcel delivered. In case your claim is satisfied by the transport company, the latter refunds you /pay you compensation within one or two weeks generally.

Parcel damage claims are usually sent directly from the delivery company’s website (you just need to find a dedicated page on their website). If you have any problems with this, try to contact the company’s customer service department.

An important note: if you are Eurosender’s client and if after opening your parcel you found out that its content was damaged, do contact us as soon as possible at and we will start a reclamation process with the relevant transport company on your behalf.

Damage report document

Things to consider when filing a parcel damage claim

When in case of a damaged parcel you want to start a reclamation process, either through Eurosender (if you are our client) or directly with your delivery company, you may find the following information useful:

  • Most courier companies will not compensate you for damaged items that are on their prohibited and restricted items list. It also applies to you if you are a Eurosender’s client. You can check here Eurosender’s page on prohibited and restricted items.
  • As a common practice, a parcel damage claim can only be filed by the same person who booked the relevant delivery service.
  • If you received a damaged parcel with the items bought on one of the online marketplaces, you may turn directly to this online seller’s help service (or customer service) and follow the existing procedure. If your claim is proved as justified, you will either have your item replaced with a new one or you will be reimbursed.
  • Insurance. If you fail to prove that the courier company was responsible for the defected parcel, especially in the event of damage due to force majeure, most probably you will not receive any compensation, unless you have insured your shipment.
    • In addition, if you manage to prove the courier’s liability for the damage, you may receive compensation that either would be the company’s standard amount of reimbursement or that will depend on the weight of the package.
    • Insurance allows you to receive compensation either up to the declared value of the parcel or up to the insurance coverage amount (it depends on the type of insurance you chose) and not based on the package weight. It can be particularly practical if you send expensive and small items, such as a mobile phone.

If you want to find out more about how the claims are being processed or have any other questions regarding the reclamations, you can visit our dedicated

We at Eurosender are aiming to provide our clients with the safest and most reliable delivery services. Should you have any doubts or questions regarding parcel damage reports or reclamation processes or questions on how to ensure a safe shipment of your parcels with us, feel free to contact us! We will always be glad to assist you.


Last modified: March 9, 2020

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