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Has it ever happened to you that your parcel was left at the neighbour or at your door? Of course, this is one of the possible scenarios of the parcel delivery. You might be asking yourself: “How come?”

With the number of parcels shipped growing constantly, courier service providers have only a small amount of time for each parcel delivery. So sometimes they find themselves in a tricky situation. As they want to deliver your parcel to you as soon as possible they might leave the package at your neighbour or at some safe place around the house.

Some of the courier companies also have the option of the second or third delivery attempt. But as this causes extra costs for them, they try to deliver the package in the first attempt if possible.

Why couriers deliver the parcels to the neighbours or leave it at the door?

Sometimes when there is no one present at the address of the delivery, the courier might leave the package to another person, present at the address at the time of delivery and willing to accept the package. This also includes your neighbours. And the courier drivers are mostly not obliged to check if the person signing the proof of delivery is the suitable to accept the package for you.

The other option is leaving the parcel at the safe place around the house, including your doorstep.

As stated in the Terms and conditions of Eurosender, the delivery is considered effective if the shipment is handed over to anyone located in the delivery address against digital or manual signature. This includes neighbours and persons present at the indicated premises. This is why you should read the Terms and conditions of the parcel broker company, whose services you are using, and also the ones of the courier service provider, responsible for the delivery.

Should you sign for a parcel not intended for you?

Well, this is not always a good idea. In some countries, it is illegal to open mail or packages not intended to you. You can get into legal trouble if anything goes wrong with the package. But of course, it can accidentally happen, especially in the case when you are maybe waiting for more than one package to be delivered to you.

Signing for the parcel means it was received in the good condition. So the receiver of the package may lose the chance of compensation if the parcel is damaged and he or she wants to file for a claim. Namely, any report of the damage must be at the moment of the delivery.

So, before signing for the parcel not intended for you, you should take into consideration all the legal obligations that come along with this.

How do you know if your parcel was delivered to the neighbour?

In most of the cases, the courier service provider will inform you about the successful delivery. This includes the information about the time of the delivery and who signed for your parcel.

What to do to prevent this situation or to ensure that everything runs smoothly?

  • First of all, the information about the recipient and the delivery address should be accurate and inserted in the correct fields in the ordering form. If not, the courier company might not receive all the necessary information for the delivery.
  • You can also leave a local phone number. This way the courier driver might contact you and arrange the other delivery option, when you are not present at the delivery address. Some of the courier companies also have systems for SMS notifications on the more accurate time of delivery with the name of the driver coming at your door.
  • Selecting a trusted neighbour or another person to sign for your parcel is also a good option. Check whether this option is available in your shipping order. If yes, give the proper instructions to the courier company with the name of the designated person. And also inform the neighbour or the other person to thoroughly check your parcel upon the delivery.
  • Furthermore, you can ask the courier company not to leave the parcel at your neighbour. Or simply choose a more expensive service, with more delivery attempts, options to choose the hour of the delivery or the narrower timeframe.
  • Frequently check the tracking system and the status of your parcel. With this information it will be easier for you to predict when the actual delivery will happen. You will be able to arrange for someone to be present at your address if you are not.

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Last modified: October 15, 2019

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