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Are you wondering how to schedule a parcel delivery date in advance? By understanding how the delivery time is calculated and why it can change, it will be easier to plan your package or suitcase shipping.

Understanding the estimated parcel delivery date

Eurosender’s official website offers an estimation of the delivery time for your parcel. Please have in mind that the estimation considers the transition time of the parcel. The pick-up and delivery dates are not necessarily taken into account. The estimation thus only refers to days it would take to ship the parcel from the collection country to the country of delivery.

The estimation is calculated in business days. Meaning it does not include Saturdays and Sundays nor any potential bank holidays in any of the countries through which the package would travel to reach its final destination.

Of course, there are also traffic jams, road blocks, prohibitions for delivery vehicles, roads under construction, extreme weather conditions and other unexpected events that cannot be foreseen. This means that the transit time is usually longer than a customer would expect.

If the collection itself was delayed due to any reasons, the delivery will also take place later than you initially anticipated. Bear in mind that the estimated delivery time refers to the time window between the actual pick-up and the delivery.

These are the reasons why the delivery time can only be estimated and never guaranteed.

Why do I have to track my parcel?

We provide our customers with the tracking tools to track their parcels, suitcases and freight shipments online. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a tracking number and the link to the tracking system of the parcel on the day of the pick-up or some days later. The system indicates when the parcel reaches the country of destination and the parcel delivery date.

On the day of the delivery the tracking system states out for delivery. This status marks the date of the delivery attempt. This is why it is really important that you have someone present at the delivery address.

delivery date

If the courier finds no one, in some countries they would try to deliver the parcel on the next available business day. In some cases, especially in the countries where couriers have only one delivery attempt, they might deliver the parcel to the nearest neighbour or to a parcel shop from which the customer should collect it.

To avoid any confusion, a customer can call Eurosender to get the local courier’s phone number to call once the parcel reaches the country of delivery. Calling the courier company might not enable you to schedule a specific delivery time. It might get you a confirmation on the parcel delivery date and an estimation of the delivery schedule. Like for example between 10 am and 12 am.

The courier will call me before he comes, right?

Some of the most frequent questions our Helpdesk gets are: “Can a courier call me 30 minutes before pick-up?” Or: “Why didn’t anyone call me before the delivery?”

Although our customers are obliged to provide us with a valid local phone numbers, we cannot guarantee that the courier driver will call them before the delivery. In many cases, the driver will not call in advance as they too are facing tight schedules. They might call, but only once they are already at the address of the delivery, just to make sure that someone is present.

The couriers can only call local phone numbers. If you are a foreigner in a country of a delivery and you do not have the local phone number yet, they most likely will not call you.

You might be wondering; how can they contact me if they do not necessarily call? They ring the doorbell at the delivery address and wait for few minutes. In case no one opens, they leave. So, make sure your doorbell is active and working.

For freight shipments phone number is a paramount

When you are shipping a pallet or a number of boxes that cannot be shipped as standard packages, it is necessary to provide the courier with a local phone number at the pick-up and delivery addresses. This way you will be able to confirm a date and an approximate time of the pick-up. The courier service provider is obliged to call on the collection day. In some cases, they may even call a business day before the collection.

In case the customer is not available on the phone, the courier company notifies Eurosender and asks us to confirm the phone number or get an alternative one as soon as possible. This is why the collections are sometimes delayed – and so are the deliveries.

Once the shipment reaches the terminal at the delivery destination, it might take some days before it is scheduled for the delivery. This depends on the volume of shipments the terminal is handling at a particular time.

It is important for the customer to track the shipment and remain available on the phone number they provided. In case you get a phone call from an unknown number, it just might be the courier. We advise you to call back as soon as you can.

Now that you are aware of the parcel delivery date calculation and what can affect the delivery time, you can better organize your shipping schedule.


This post was written in cooperation with Eurosender’s customer support specialist, Angelika Ergaver.

Last modified: August 16, 2018

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