My Parcel Weighs More than Stated On the Shipping Label. What Now?4 min read
Weight of a package

If your parcel weight is more than what is stated on the shipping label, most courier companies will issue a surcharge for the overweight package or send it back to the pick-up address. Below we talk in more detail about what happens if you put the wrong weight on your shipping label. We also provide our insider top tips for avoiding the unpleasant scenario of your parcel weighing more than what is stated on the shipping label.

What happens if the package weighs more than the shipping label?

There are a few scenarios that can happen if the prepaid label is wrong, and the package weighs more than the shipping label:

  • The package will not be collected if it is clearly overweight.
  • The package will be collected but a surcharge will be issued.
  • The package will be sent back to the sender.

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I have the wrong weight on the shipping label of the parcel. Will the courier collect the parcel?

What will happen if the parcel is heavier than the label will depend on how big of a weight difference there is. Let us examine the two scenarios:

  • The package is clearly overweight – the driver will refuse to pick it up. Courier companies plan the pick-up schedule based on the information they receive. If you put the wrong weight on the label, the driver may not have enough space in his van to transport an overweight package.
  • The package is not noticeably overweight – the driver will pick it up. In the event that the parcel weighs more than the weight range you have paid for, the courier will return it to the sender’s address or issue a surcharge to deliver the overweight package to the recipient

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Putting the wrong weight on the shipping label is a mistake that can happen to anyone. Maybe those old scales at home are inaccurate or you make a simple miscalculation. Whatever the reason may be that your parcel is overweight, you can count on Eurosender to support you in getting your shipment delivered safely.

Will the courier weigh the parcel upon collection?

Most courier drivers do not bring scales to weigh parcels upon collection. Parcels are weighed later at the local depot.

It is important that you are as accurate as possible with the parcel information at the booking stage. If you ship an overweight package, you risk losing a lot of time and money.

What should I do to avoid surcharges for an overweight package?

  • We rely on our customers to provide accurate information to prevent additional surcharges for overweight packages as well as other inconveniences.
  • Before placing your order, check the shipment dimensions for our various services to ensure that you book the right service for your shipment size.
  • Remember that the dimensions and weight must include the packaging.
  • The parcel dimensions and weight you insert when placing your order on the Eurosender platform are forwarded to the courier company assigned to transport your shipment.

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I have booked shipping with Eurosender and my parcel weighs more than stated on the shipping label. What should I do?

If you realise before the pick-up that your package is overweight, contact our customer support team for advice.

In most cases, the simplest solution is for you to divide the contents of the overweight package into two separate packages and book another order for the second package. This option usually works out cheaper for you than adding a second package to your existing order.

Are there any solutions for online sellers?

At Eurosender, we cater to a wide range of customers who ship for private and commercial purposes. Read more about the benefits we can offer for your online marketplace. Whether you are shipping small boxes or bulky items on pallets, if you follow our guidelines above, you will prevent your package from weighing more than the shipping label. Register for free and get some of the best prices on the market for your online store’s logistics needs.