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Every once in a while, there comes something that takes the entire world by storm. In a good way, of course. Be it the Harry Potter, the Game of Thrones frenzy or the current biggest thing – Pokemon Go. You can go to any part of the world and you will find crazy Pokemon Go friends, adults who turn kids on a mere mention of Pokemon Go.

Even the drivers from the courier companies we collaborate with are playing Pokemon GO while delivering the packages. No, this is a joke! We do trust that they are not doing this.

Some of us at Eurosender are huge fans of it and some yet are still figuring what the hell Pokemon Go even is. If you also belong to the small bunch of people like few of us who still don’t know what Pokemon Go is, we feel your pain and we are going to break everything down for you!

What is Pokemon Go?

It is essentially a location-based game application for iOS & Android smartphones. What is it that makes it so special? Two things actually:

  1. It is an augmented reality game, this means that it is a digital game which makes you feel like you are doing things in the real environment. So, Pokemon Go uses your smartphone’s GPS to locate, capture, battle & train virtual ‘Pokemon’ creatures, making you feel like you are doing all this in the real surroundings that you are actually in.
  2. The mention of ‘Pokemon creatures’ brings us to our second point. What makes this game extra special for so many around the world? The virtual creatures that you locate, capture, battle & train as part of this game are ‘Pokemon’ creatures, fictional characters created under Pokemon media Franchise (The Pokemon company) for its video games, cartoon shows etc. These were extremely popular in the nineties and kids were literally crazy after everything even remotely related to Pokemon, be it video games, cartoon shows, toys, stationery, water bottles or watches! Oh, the nostalgia! The launch of the game ‘Pokemon Go’ brings back wonderfully sweet memories for most people who are now adults but fondly remember their Pokemon days.

People are madly in love with this game because Pokemon Go gives them a chance to reconnect with their childhood but quite in an ‘adult’ way – by playing an augmented reality video game. The best part – it involves so much of your real world. You are sitting in your office cab, when the driver turns around the corner, there’s a ‘PokeStop’ near your favourite park where you can collect items like Poke Balls, eggs, berries etc to either catch Pokemon or to feed them and so on, different items to use at different levels of the game. You actually have to move around places in your part of the world to see PokeStops or Pokemon gyms (where battles are held). For example, a friend just changed her office to the home router because the new route has more PokeStops! This game gives you a really nice real-world experience while also enjoying your other reality – your love for Pokemon and anything related to them.

We have to say, knowing and writing all this has got us a wee bit excited to play Pokemon Go. Our other crazy colleagues are planning a Pokemon Go playing party over the weekend, and we hope we have got you excited too for trying this game out!

Since Eurosender stands for all things travel and going places, we think it’s a great idea to play Pokemon Go on your next travel destination. Not only will it help explore a place more interestingly, but you may also end up making new friends who love the game.

You can thank us later.

Do you know the best places to catch Pokemon? Or you simply have some questions for us? Feel free to ask them!

Last modified: April 29, 2019

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