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Damaged cargo generates not only financial losses but also reputation damage and customer satisfaction decrease. This blog explains the common causes and how to prevent and minimize cargo and freight damage.

How to minimize and prevent cargo and freight damage

  1. Packaging to prevent freight damage: The foundation point for freight damage prevention is the packaging. Keep in mind that each good requires different packaging materials. So take the necessary time to choose the ideal packaging for your type of product, so that it reaches the customer in perfect conditions. In general, opt for packaging that is large enough for the product to be shipped coated with cushioning materials. To find out which is the ideal packaging for your product, access our packaging guide. It contains a full list of various products and their respective ideal packaging.
  2. Adhesives: There is no point in quality packaging if the seal is weak. A poor seal can mean that your product will escape the packaging and be damaged along the way. The adhesive tape represents, on average, around 1 to 2% of the value of the goods. At the same time, it can be responsible for 100% loss in the case of a box opening in the middle of transport. For this reason, opt for quality adhesive tapes and resistant to adversities, such as humidity and pressure. We recommend you use pressure-sensitive and water-activated tapes to minimize freight damage.
  3. Direct transport: The transport of cargo without stops ensures a lower number of loading and unloading and thus prevents possible accidents with the handling of the goods. Here at Eurosender, we suggest that you use our FTL (Full Truckload) and Van Delivery service, and take advantage of personalized and exclusive services, with direct routes, in addition to more security.
  4. Proper stuffing and lashing: The way you load and organize the trailer is essential to the final state of your product. Otherwise, they can move during transport and end up damaged. To prevent freight damages, keep in mind that when loading the trailer:
    1. The weight of the cargo must be evenly distributed inside the trailer;
    2. Lighter loads should be placed on top of heavier ones;
    3. Dry cargoes must be placed on top of wet shipments (liquids);
    4. If there is a space between one commodity and another, fill the space with damping materials (bubble wrap, iso-cubes).
  5. Have a 3PL (Third-party logistics): A third-party logistics refers to the outsourcing of the logistics process. Having a quality 3PL means having reliable inventory management, warehousing, and fulfilment. You not only reduce transit damage but free up time to invest in other essential activities of your company.

If you are not sure which or where to choose your 3PL, don’t worry; Eurosender has a portfolio of the best carriers so that you can outsource in the most appropriate way for your company. Get in touch with our specialists and register as a ” Business ” to have access to even lower prices.

Losses associated with cargo and freight damage

When transporting goods, a company expects that the merchandise will arrive at the final destination inappropriate conditions. Does this always happen? No! Even though it is not as common, it may happen that the freight gets damaged during transit. Here we list some factors that prove how much minimizing cargo and freight damage is essential to the business:

  • Insurance. The most noticeable loss when dealing with cargo or freight damage is that in most cases, the insurance doesn’t cover the value of the material lost. But the financial aspect is not the only loss associated with cargo and freight damage.
  • Time. Replacing the damaged cargo implies additional time that the company needs to dedicate, which increase the total cost.
  • Credibility. When the cargo is not delivered or arrives damaged to your customer, your credibility is put in check. And that can detract/impede setting up a long-term relationship with the customer. As a result, the company’s sales and market positioning drop.

Minimizing cargo and freight damage through Eurosender

Eurosender understands and prioritizes safety, pickup and delivery timing and quality of service. And that is precisely why we work with the most reliable carriers on the market. In addition, we also provide services that minimize the chances of cargo getting damaged. Such services are FTL (Full Truckload) and Van Delivery services. With them your cargo is sent straight to the final destination, ensuring more security and less transport time.

What makes cargo different from freight?

To prevent cargo and freight damage is necessary first to understand what differentiates cargo and freight, and which one is applicable to your business. Goods can be transported by different means. Thus, in simple terms:

  • Cargo refers to shipments carried by planes or ships;
  • Freight refers to transportation by land, truck or train.

Now that you understand these two terms let’s explain the types of cargo and freight damage and how to prevent or minimize them.

Types, causes and prevention of cargo damage

Types of cargo damage Problem Solution
Container Rain: The humidity and temperature changes during the transport and produces moisture in the container. As the goods reabsorb the moisture, it causes cargo damages such as corrosion, mildew, fungus and warping. Before filling the container with loads, be sure to remove as much moisture as possible. Make use of cloths or towels to ” dry ” the container. In addition, choose to carry out merchandise with plastic pallets, as they accumulate less moisture. Last but not least, during transport, use desiccants to maintain the state of dryness.
Improper lashing and stuffing The positioning of heavy loads on only one side of the container or above light loads generates damage. During a long journey, heavy goods can move and ” crash ” the lighter ones, causing damage to both. Arrange the container so that the weight is evenly distributed. And don’t forget to fill empty spaces with damping materials, like airbags.


Damage prevention in logistics

Work with a reliable carrier and get insurance for all containers and trailers to reduce losses related to cargo and freight damages. With Eurosender, you not only have someone who can handle the logistics processes on your behalf; you also guarantee the best transport and delivery services, with the highest quality and the best prices for your customers. Using our services is an extremely efficient way to preventing cargo or freight damage.

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