How to Get a Refund for Overpaid Shipping?

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Thanks to the digital revolution, e-commerce is flourishing worldwide. Of course, this success would not have been possible without modern logistics systems. Nowadays, it seems difficult to understand why would one spend time in physical stores if he or she can buy literally everything online and enjoy the commodity of door-to-door delivery. As you might have guessed from the article title, problems such as overpayment for shipping services sometimes happen. If you’re facing this kind of situation, we’re here to help you sort the things out and recover an overpayment for delivery services.

Why do so many people have to deal with overpaid shipping costs?

We know what you think: “I’ve become a victim of consumer scam”. Hopefully, this is a rare case. Even though frauds are not a new thing on the Internet, they’re not the main reason why e-buyers often need to get a refund for overpaid shipping. Here’s a brief overview of the situations that may lead to delivery overpayment:

  • When a client makes last-minute changes while placing an order online. Let’s say you’ve decided to take 3 items instead of 7. It all affects the total weight and volume of your parcel. Sometimes the seller’s system doesn’t have enough time to update the order information. As a result, you make an overpayment for delivery services and then need to recover the excess amount. In this case, it’s just a miscalculation problem.
  • When the items that the customer has ordered are out of stock. For example, instead of 5 items, you have received only one or two. In this case, the weight and the volume of the parcel are smaller than estimated. If you’ve paid for a parcel weighing up to 10kg and the one you’ve received doesn’t exceed 2kg, it won’t be difficult for you to recover an overpayment for delivery services once you contact the seller. The volume of the parcel is also an important factor in terms of shipping costs.
  • When a customer decides to change the shipping address. Shipping quotes mainly depend on distance. It sometimes happens that the client buys something online as a gift that he’s planning to give to someone living in another town or even in another country. Depending on the store location and the destination address, it may be cheaper to deliver the goods to this person directly. If the customer hasn’t calculated everything in advance, it is still possible to modify the order. In some cases, it will be easier to get a refund for overpaid shipping by cancelling the order and placing a new one on the seller’s website. The recovery of an overpayment for delivery services may take some time. For instance, on platforms like AliExpress this process usually takes up to 10 business days, with Amazon and eBay, you’ll normally have to wait up to 5 business days.
  • When the customer chooses priority mail whilst the seller sends the parcel by regular mailing services by mistake. In this situation, the overpaid shipping amount may reach up to 20$ or even more.

What are the factors determining the shipping cost?

Your parcel always has several parameters that influence the cost of delivery services. The main ones are the following:

How can I get a refund for overpaid shipping?

If one of the above-mentioned factors changed after your order had been processed and shipped, you may have to take some steps to recover an overpayment for delivery services.

  • First and foremost, you need to take some pictures of the parcel and the shipping label, as it indicates the cost and the tracking number of your shipment.
  • In most cases, all you need to do is contact the seller. Nowadays, reputation is everything. No one wants to get negative feedback from customers. If overpayment for delivery services happened due to some mistake from the seller’s side, the latter will surely admit it and will make everything in his power to help you recover your funds as soon as possible.
  • However, if it’s not the case and the seller seems reluctant to admit his fault, with the necessary proof you can get a refund for overpaid shipping by starting a claim procedure. You will get a partial or a total refund depending on the situation.

I’m a seller. How can I help my client recover an overpayment for delivery services?

To solve the issue properly, many factors need to be taken into account: your payment system, logistics service provider, e-commerce platform, etc. If you’re selling your goods on big platforms, such as eBay, you’re charged a 10% shipping commission. Basically, when you need to compensate the overpaid shipping amount to your client, you can either reimburse his extra costs or refund the difference minus the platform’s 10% share. Even though you can consider this option as a fair compromise, your client is likely to feel dissatisfied and may be tempted to leave a bad review.

It’s not difficult for a seller to get a pro-rata refund from eBay. The only small obstacle is the fact that the eBay agent needs to do it manually. This solution seems to be the right one to keep all the parties happy. As for your client’s recovery of an overpayment for delivery services, you can perform it by logging in to your PayPal account and choosing the “refund” option in your account details section.

If you have any questions regarding the best way to get a refund for overpaid shipping services or if you’d like to learn more about cheap parcel delivery, feel free to contact our friendly team.

Last modified:December 03, 2019

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