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All parcel services offer the option to refuse the packages, either during the shipping or when your package is already delivered. There might be several reasons for receivers to refuse the delivery of a parcel and in accordance with the circumstances you might be charged or not.

What to do if the receiver decided to refuse the delivery of a parcel?

If for any case, the receiver decided that he wants to refuse the package, there are several options to do this. Eurosender cares about its customers, so if you want to cancel your order, you definitely would not be charged until you receive an email in which it is stated that the status of your order is “Confirmed”. Unfortunately, if there is a “Confirmed” status, your order will not be refunded. Even despite the fact that you have refused the delivery of the parcel.

In a situation when the receiver refused the delivery of a parcel before it was accepted and started to be processed by courier service, there are no additional charges. In other cases, or if you are not sure about the status of your order or delivery, it is always better to contact Eurosender and to get exact information concerning the options you have.

How to act if I received a damaged package?

Receiving damaged packages is a very unpleasant incident. And this is natural if the receiver wants to refuse the damaged package. In such situations, your option is to write to write an email to and explain the situation by providing photographs as evidence. Only after we receive your email, Eurosender will be able to start the procedure with a logistics company.

Also, after indicating any problems or flaws with your package, you should ask a driver to provide you with a damage report, which you have to fill. If you ignore this point, it would be harder to prove your case and to refuse the damaged package.

The damaged package should be kept by a customer in the same condition as it was delivered. And if the parcel has damages on the outer packaging, a receiver should take photographs before opening it and taking the goods out.

Same steps have to be taken if you notice that some goods are missing from your package.

It is natural for a receiver to refuse a damaged package. Eurosender provides its customers with high-quality service, and that’s why we are not leaving our clients in cases like damaged package refusal.

What if I receive the package that was not intended to me?

If one day you came home and saw that there is a parcel on your door, the best thing you can do is to contact a courier and inform them that you have received a package that was not intended to you. It is important to remember that you should not open this parcel. For some courier companies, it might be a proof of acceptance. Such situations are very uncommon and should be solved directly with logistics companies.

It should not take a lot of time for a receiver to refuse a misdelivered package.

What if my package was delivered to a wrong address?

Unfortunately, the case is more complicated if the package you have ordered was delivered to a wrong address. Misdelivery might happen due to various reasons: incorrect contact details, mistake done by customer or courier, or something else. And, unfortunately, in a case of misdelivery, a customer has to cooperate and search for the solutions with a logistics service personally.

Customers have the option to refuse a misdelivered package and to get a refund. But to do so each case has to meet several requirements. First of all, parcel service would ask you to provide any proofs that there was anything valuable inside the package. Courier company will inform you about their decision after evaluating your case. But prior to all these actions, logistics companies should declare your package lost.

It is possible to get your money back after you refused a misdelivered package only if a company decides that in your package was something that has value.

You can read more about Misdelivered packages.

What courier companies do with refused packages?

The first thing to mention is that you are not always obliged to pay for the returns if you just refused your package delivery. It depends on your case and a logistics company that performed your delivery. If it is not proven that your parcel was lost or damaged, each case has to be solved with the courier company individually.

Almost in each case, a refused package will be returned to the sender. But, still, it depends on the logistics company and its politics for such issues. Also, sometimes, courier companies might keep the parcel in their depot until they find another solution.

Last modified: February 4, 2019

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