Where to Report a Stolen Package from Apartment Building?

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The courier left the parcel on your doorstep, got stolen, and now you do not know how to proceed? Reporting the stolen package is the next step, and we are here to tell you to whom should you first turn to.

Report the stolen package to the courier company

Every courier company has different rules and procedures when it comes to reporting stolen packages, but the first thing you should do in such cases is to inform the courier and start the claims process.

Tell the courier where was the package stolen from an apartment building, the mailbox or the doorstep of your house. Provide them with all the other necessary information like the tracking number, and additional information from prior shipping, proof of packaging, content and value, and insurance.

Have you shipped through Eurosender, and your package was stolen from the apartment building?

At Eurosender, we assist our customers in every step of the way, before and after the parcel collection. In such an unfortunate situation, you would have to start a claims procedure, and we will do everything in our power to get you a refund for the stolen package.

Reporting a stolen package to the police

You should call the police if you suspect that the parcel that was left at the doorstep is stolen. When you are reporting a stolen the package from the apartment building, doorstep, or mailbox, the police will consider two situations:

  • The building has surveillance cameras. If the building has cameras, this will ease the process, and the police will be able to identify the thief, and hopefully, return your parcel.
  • The building or apartment does not have surveillance cameras. As law enforcement will not be able to identify anyone without cameras, they will ask for witnesses. They will contact the neighbours or someone else that was at the scene around that hour will help them identify the person that stole the package from the apartment building.

The first indication that the parcel left at your doorstep was stolen is if the tracking status says “Delivered parcel”, but you have not received the package. If the tracking tool does not show that the parcel was delivered, it may not be time to panic yet, and it may just be a delay.

Nonetheless, before you take action to report the stolen package to the police, also make sure that it is not at the neighbours, or somewhere around the house. Sometimes, even though it is not a common practice, the courier driver may leave it there.

Reporting stolen packages from online purchases

It would be best if you informed the seller in such situations. Each store has its rules; but in general, the seller will try to keep and maintain good communication, and cooperate.

If there are frequently stolen packages from your apartment building, or mailbox then ask the retailer if they can take some extra measures when delivering the product. One precaution measure would be to request for a “Signature Required” upon delivery.

If some stores see that you are reporting stolen packages relatively frequent, you may be given a red flag, believe it is a fraud, and ban you from the site.

Will the seller replace a stolen package?

If you have ordered items online, many times, the seller will either replace the ordered goods or refund you for the stolen packages. However, this is a matter that varies from one retailer’s policy to another, but in general, they should somehow compensate it. If you cannot get a refund or replacement for the stolen packages from the online store, contact the courier company assigned for the transportation and see if you can start a claim.

Some content of my package is stolen. What now?

You have received the package, but not the whole content is inside. There are several things that you can do in such a case, and we invite you to read this article and find out how to proceed with this further.

Parcels were left in an unsafe location. Who is responsible?

If you have specifically requested that the courier leaves the parcel in a safe location around the house, and the package gets stolen the retailer may refuse to replace the items.

If the courier leaves the parcel in an unsafe location, to which you did not agree, the retailer may decide to replace them.

Some retailers may have already pre-listed in their terms and conditions what do they consider to be a safe location for parcel delivery, and by accepting the retailer’s terms, you also confirm that you get the delivery on that spot. Therefore, we recommend you to check the terms and conditions of the eCommerce shop, prior shipping.

Then, who is to blame if the parcel left in an unsafe location gets stolen? The retailer may refuse to take responsibility for the stolen parcel left in a safe location, as in theory, their obligation ends once the package is left on that spot. Therefore, it is best recommended that you check what you agree with before accepting the seller’s terms and conditions.

How to prevent stolen packages from my apartment building?

  • Ask the seller or the courier not to leave the packages without your signature.
  • Tell the seller that if they do not find you at home to leave the package at the apartment managers office if the building policy allows it.
  • Try installing a CCTV camera if you have not already done it. By doing so, you will be able to see who is stealing your packages, whether it is someone from the building or an outsider.

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