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The usage of freight forwarding companies and reshippers is becoming more and more popular. There are several advantages when hiring freight forwarding companies, especially when shipping internationally.

When shipping internationally, whether as a business or individual, you can notice there is a bigger difference in the international shipping prices compared to domestic shipping. Therefore, many people search for other options on how to save on shipping costs and come across forwarding companies or re-shippers. But what is the purpose of a freight forwarding company and reshippers?

Hiring freight forwarding companies

Freight forwarding companies are businesses that act as mediators and arrange the import and export of goods. Businesses might have some advantages when hiring freight forwarding companies to transport goods abroad. When shipping internationally as a business, you will come across a pile of documents. Having a freight forwarder would mean help in the process. Business can benefit the advantages of freight forwarders as forwarders can arrange the customs clearance of the goods crossing the borders and the international export and import documentation. Freight forwarding companies will organize the above mentioned and will also arrange storage space and packing of the goods.

However, as they are only the mediator in this transaction, they are not responsible for any shipping delays. These delays can also be due to weather conditions, port delays breakdowns or unforeseen route changes.

What does a reshipper do? Do I need to use their service anytime I need to send something?

No, you do not need to book reshipping services anytime you need to send something abroad. This type of shipping service is mainly used when doing cross-border shopping and their main task is to receive the items for you and have them sent to your desired destination. When shipping as an individual, international reshippers are mainly used in the following cases:

  • E-commerce store does not ship to your selected country. Have you found yourself in a situation when you really like some dress from an online store but the store does not ship internationally? This is when reshippers become relevant. Check the countries where the store ships to, and search online for reshipping services in the selected country.
  • Pricing difference. Many online stores charge a higher price for international shipping. You can check both alternatives, the e-commerce and the reshipping option, compare them both and see which one is cheaper.
  • You do not want to share your address with the e-commerce store. With this type of service, you do not have to write your final address on the website of the online seller but instead, you can choose the reshippers address and then from there have it shipped to you. Keep in mind that you have to give the final destination details to the reshipper.

The process in both cases starts with you writing the address of the international reshipper as the destination address. Once the goods arrive at the warehouse, they will arrange the shipping to the final destination.

How can I find reshippers and freight forwarding companies?

We can practically find anything on the internet today, including finding and hiring freight forwarding companies. One way of doing it is by contacting Eurosender to get the best and cheapest offer to reship and forward your goods. Another way is to look for reshippers in the country you wish to have your goods sent to (not the final destination).

Re-ship your packages with Eurosender

Reshipping services can be arranged with Eurosender. As this is a non-standard service, you would have to contact our sales department and request an individual offer to match your requirements.

How can reshipping become a fraud?

This is relatively a safe shipping option, however, there might be cases when people could take advantage of it. Imagine the following scenario, person A has purchased items by using the personal and financial details of person B. The person C finds itself in the middle, identified as the victim i.e. the international reshipper in this transaction. Person C is unaware of the intention of person A and gets into the transaction. Therefore, this transaction is not directly connected to person A.

What measures can be taken to stop reshipping fraud?

Some retailers might look up the addresses, or even call the people directly to confirm this transaction. Others might look up on social media and have that as a ‘verifying factor’ in this transaction. Other measures that sellers can take upon is a proxy server detection and having relatively new email address might be an indicator for a fraudster.

Last modified: January 3, 2020

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