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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples all around the world are busy trying to find the best gifts for their loved ones. Even though this holiday is celebrated at the end of winter, there is romance in the air, which somehow manages to warm our hearts on frosty days preceding February 14th. If your boyfriend or girlfriend lives in the same city, it is easy for you to plan a perfect romantic evening. What about those whose second halves live far away? Of course, all they need is…to send Valentine’s surprise package to another country! And love.

2020 trends: handcrafted and personalized Valentine’s gifts for your sweethearts living abroad

Some people say that there is nothing better than sending a handcrafted present to the ones you love, which can be true for those of us who can make great things with their own hands. If it is not about you, no worries, you can still prepare a thoughtfully tailored Valentine’s surprise package and send it to another country. You will find below some original ideas regarding Valentine’s gifts for your sweethearts living abroad:

    • An original photo frame with a nice collage of your sweet memories. You can find a suitable frame on Etsy or in any other store selling handmade items. You can also add some ribbons, bows and lovey-dovey stickers;
    • A handmade postcard is always a good idea;
    • A nicely wrapped box or jar with love notes inside;
    • A heart-shaped wreath made of decorative roses;
    • Gifts inspired by his or her favourite movie (if you have particularly liked a movie that you have watched together, it will be even more symbolic). It could be paired T-shirts, chocolates wrapped in stylized paper or even a large inflatable movie screen. When you finally get together, you could take it with you on an outdoor romantic date.

These are just some ideas of Valentine’s surprise package that you could send to other countries. Many of our clients also like shipping something local, like food or alcohol. Jewellery and perfumes are also among the most popular and traditional Valentine’s gifts for our clients’ sweethearts living abroad, in particular, within the EU (as there are no customs checks and customs clearance procedures involved in the process).

Why is it so important to choose the appropriate Valentine’s gifts for your sweethearts living abroad?

If restricted items are revealed during the customs check, it may lead to unpleasant consequences for the sender. To find out more, please have a look at our dedicated blog article. If your very special person lives outside the EU, we strongly recommend examining the restricted items list before sending your gifts to other countries. Based on our experience, we can say that the USA and Norway have adopted a very tough approach regarding any kind of restricted and prohibited items. You may be surprised to find some seemingly harmless products on the list, that is why it is useful to know all the restrictions when it comes to international shipping. There is no insurance coverage for such products, as well as for fragile items. That is why, when shipping delicate goods, you need to protect them thoroughly by choosing the right packaging.

Prepare the best Valentine’s gifts for your sweethearts living abroad!

Here at Eurosender, we have been striving for shortening the distance between loving hearts for many years now. With social media, long-distance relationships have become easier. Now you no longer need to wait for several weeks to get some news from your loved ones (unlike 50 years ago). After the digital revolution, the shipping costs also went down. Thankfully, nowadays you can use affordable parcel delivery services to send Valentine’s surprise package to another country. If you have already prepared nice and original Valentine’s gifts for your sweethearts living abroad, we invite you to use our platform to get the best price offer for your shipment in just a few clicks.

Please, take into consideration that Valentine’s day is traditionally a busy period for all the courier companies, so it is better to plan your shipment in advance. Our estimated delivery time tool will make things easier for you.

If you have any kind of questions or doubts regarding the possibility to send Valentine’s surprise package to another country, feel free to contact our friendly customer support team. Our agents will gladly help you send your tender love message to any part of the globe!

Last modified: January 10, 2020

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