Can You Send Credit or Debit Card Overseas by Courier?2 min read
Shipping credit and debit cards

Many of us have experienced losing something physical like a wallet, an ID, credit or debit card. And some of us were lucky enough to find it, or have it found by someone else that wants to send it to you. However, you should know that some courier companies have strict rules about sending credit cards overseas, and we are here to tell you all about it!

How to send an ATM credit or debit card by courier?

Unfortunately, there are only limited options for shipping credit cards internationally by a courier, and the reason is very simple. Safety! The courier companies are doing everything in their power to ensure the shipment arrives at the destination intact, and by sending a debit or credit card overseas, you could increase the chances of package theft.

Only specially certified and registered companies can organise your credit card shipping internationally or domestically. It is important to note that these special certified and registered companies are not necessarily the same logistics companies you use to ship many standard items. Instead, they have special licences to be able to operate.

Remember that even though these certified companies can organise the shipping for credit cards overseas or domestically, it does not fully ensure the shipper or receiver that these shipments will arrive safely to the destination.

Is it illegal to send my credit or debit card overseas by courier?

It is not illegal to send such items by post or courier; however, the shipping of credit cards internationally is restricted by many courier companies. So, if such content is discovered upon collection, the courier may refuse to pick up the package and proceed with the delivery. See the complete list of all restricted and prohibited items before shipping to avoid any unpleasant situations.

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Is it safe to send an ATM credit or debit card overseas by courier?

No one can fully ensure safe delivery when sending items of such value. Some certified companies could provide you with insurance for your shipment in some cases. However, this needs to be further discussed with the selected company.

Can I send a credit card overseas through Eurosender?

Currently, we cannot offer a shipping service for sending ATM cards with any of the courier companies from our network. We strive to make our services as safe as possible, and we will advise you in advance about all the shipping options that are the best fit for your needs. You can talk to our experts about any doubts!