Can I Send a Passport Internationally by Courier?

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Nowadays we can internationally ship many things by mail or by courier, but is sending a passport to an embassy one of them? Shipping a passport and other documents abroad come with certain risks. But with a little research done beforehand, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Can I send a passport by mail or with a courier company?

Yes, you can. Courier companies like DHL, for example, allow for such shipments. Here at Eurosender, we recommend you to book our Express Envelope shipping service for any type of urgent document, for delivery of just 24h within Europe and 48-72h worldwide!

Can I send a passport to an embassy by mail or with a courier company?

First, you should check with the respective embassy. Embassies apply different rules when it comes to sending a passport or essential documentation. Some require the visa applicant or a legally authorized person to retrieve the document. Therefore, they would not hand over the documents to any third parties.

Due to security reasons, other embassies don’t allow the courier companies to enter the building. Such cases are applicable mostly when the embassy has already a contract in place with a courier company to ship documents from the embassy to visa applicants. In such cases, you will most probably have to turn to the same courier company that the embassy works with.

Can courier companies pick-up or deliver a passport to an embassy?

When it comes to sending a passport to an embassy, there are certain restrictions that most of the courier companies apply. While some of them explicitly state that they do not perform the service, others do offer the service but only from and to certain embassies with whom they sometimes have an agreement or where they are allowed to access the embassy’s premises.

Are there any special conditions that courier companies apply when shipping a passport internationally?

Once again, there are no pervasive rules, and it does vary from one company to another. Most of the time, courier companies list passports and other relevant documents among the items that are prohibited or restricted from shipping.

While some courier companies will transport a passport, they won’t offer compensation in case of loss.

Also, some companies will transport the accompanying documentation necessary for visas or passports but not the document itself.

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What to do before sending a passport internationally by courier?

Check the possibility first with the embassy and afterwards with the courier company.

Don’t just book the courier service and plan the delivery without having things clear. If you place your passport in an envelope and you won’t specify the content, the courier company will not know what type of item they are transporting.

If you need to ship a passport or other documents internationally, get in touch with us, and we will tell you what the options are. Drop us a line at, and we will be glad to help.

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Last modified:April 02, 2020

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