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Sending a package from or to an Embassy

With the increase in the number of Erasmus students, travellers or people who are changing jobs frequently across the world, there is a rising need to come up with original solutions for some important or urgent non-expected shipments.

It might be hard for someone who travels the world or that is moving to another country without any references, to have a package shipped or delivered without having a set address.

This being said, some people have started wondering about the possibility of sending a package from or to an Embassy.

Obviously, a shipment from or to an Embassy should be arranged only if the chosen Embassy is open to this possibility. Therefore, it is very important that, if you really need something to be picked up or delivered to you and really don’t have another address to provide, get in touch with the Embassy itself and make sure that they will be so kind to help you with this matter.

Once you have confirmed with your Embassy or Consulate the possibility of having something shipped from their address, your next step is to get in touch with us to discuss your shipping options.

How can I book a pickup at an Embassy?

In order to book the pickup of a package at an Embassy correctly, you must ask first which shipping companies are allowed to enter the Embassy’s premises or make sure that there will be someone responsible for handing over the goods. You can contact the Embassy directly to get this information since many Embassies have their own courier partners.

After you get this information, you just need to contact us and ask for an individual offer to book your pick up at an Embassy and we will do our best to match our logistics partners with the ones you can ship with. We will surely come up with a solution for you that will take off all the weight from your shoulders and let you focus on your trip. Just don’t forget that when you will leave your items at the pickup location, they should be correctly packed and ready to be collected.

Shipping delicate items or important documents

Be careful not to ship any forbidden/delicate items or important documents without declaring it. In the case of important/personal documents or packages, it is crucial that you select a special service and make sure that the shipping company allows you to book transport for them. Check out this article about Sending a Passport to an Embassy.

As Eurosender has so many logistics partners, we will for sure find the best way to help you send or receive your packages with the maximum efficiency.

Last modified:August 05, 2019

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