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It might not be the first item you think of transporting but here you are, reading an article on how to ship a tractor abroad. Whether you are here because you are a company looking for a shipping partner, a farmer that just second-hand sold its tractor, or looking for the cheapest way to ship a tractor, we hope to shed some light on the matter for you.

How to correctly prepare to ship a tractor abroad?

Tractors can sometimes exceed height limitations along with transport or may not be allowed to be driven on highways. That is why most people decide to ship them to a specific location.

Choosing the right transportationAdd an additional coverShip a tractor with Eurosender
Choosing the right transportation for your shipment is of great importance if you aim to find the cheapest way to ship a tractor. It is also very important to know the dimensions of it (height, width, length, and weight) as it will help you in the preparation process. Shipping a huge harvester by courier would be a lot more difficult than having to ship a compact tractor abroad. Whether you need to ship a compact tractor abroad, or just a small lawnmower, and check to see if you have your shipment securely placed on the shipping vehicle. Make sure you block the wheels to fix the tractor and avoid it moving while transporting.
We suggest you add an additional cover to the shipment to prevent any possible scratches. Use a combination of plastic film, bubble wrap, and tape to it. If there are any loose parts or accessories, detach them and put them on a secure spot to/or near the tractor. You would not want your spare parts moving around in the van while transporting, right? Then we suggest using tension straps to secure them to the tractor.
When using our platform to get shipping services, we suggest booking the dedicated van delivery service. This way you will not only have the tractor itself, but also any other additional parts that come with it. Another benefit that comes when booking this service, is that you get to set the pick-up date and time to fir your schedule. Once you do know the exact dimensions you can place an individual offer and our agents will suggest you the cheapest way to ship a tractor to a designated location.

Are there any restrictions when it comes to shipping a small tractor abroad?

As tractors are not deemed as dangerous or prohibited items, there are hardly any restrictions when it comes to sending them abroad. When shipping a small tractor abroad, but still within the European Union, you do not have to declare anything or fill out any customs forms. Tractors, or any other goods within member states of the European Union, can move freely around countries. However, outside these member state countries, customs controls and taxes do apply. An exception to this is Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway that have a trade agreement with the European Union.

In case you do decide to use this service outside the EU, you will have to add or provide some documents like a certificate of authenticity and sales invoice.

Our agents are here to answer any of your dilemmas so If you are in doubt if the dimensions of your shipment fit the van, the ability to load and unload the equipment, do not hesitate to contact us!

There are many types of farms dedicated to breeding cattle and livestock or for cultivating crops. If you need to sell and ship machinery for farming or agricultural equipment, you probably want to find a safe and affordable way of its transportation. Read more about this in our dedicated article here.

Last modified: August 29, 2019

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