How to Send a Parcel from Home Without a Printer?3 min read
Send a parcel from home without a printer

Are you worried that you will not be able to print the label to ship your package? Let us tell you a secret – it is possible to book a shipping service and send a parcel without having a printer! Continue reading to find out how.

Parcel collection and delivery with no printer

The shipping label is the most important document for successful delivery. Without it, the parcel will not arrive at its destination. Not only that, without a shipping label, the courier driver will not even collect the parcel.

Shipping labels are printed and attached to the package. Oftentimes, the courier company will ask the customer to print it out and attach it to shipment by themselves. But it does not always happen that everyone has easy access to a printer. What is the solution? Parcel collection and delivery with no printer needed! If you are wondering how that could be since every courier company asks for a printed version of the shipping label, continue reading.

At Eurosender, we see to accommodate your logistics needs, for whatever shipping service you need. Our expanded network of courier companies allows us to choose the optimal shipping solution for you based on your needs and requirements. And as such, for many destinations in the European Union, we can offer you a service to send parcels without having a printer!

Some couriers from our network bring the shipping label upon collection, so you do not have to worry about printing anything! Sounds easy, right? Let us tell you something – we also offer the cheapest courier services without needing a printer! Do you want to check the prices for your route?

Sending parcels | How to print a shipping label without a printer?

Since the shipping label does not have to be printed on sticky paper, you can print it anywhere on a regular printer. Send the label to some of your friends, the neighbours or go to the nearest printing place and print it on a standard piece of paper.

Or what you can do, is choose a shipping service that does not require you to print any labels for sending parcels within the European Union.

How to send a parcel without having a printer?

Choose a door-to-door delivery service with no printer needed because the courier driver will bring the shipping label upon collection. If you are not sure how can you check that, get in touch with us. Contact us via chat, and our customer support agents will let you know right away if you can send a parcel without having to print the label. In general, it depends on the courier company in charge of the delivery and the pickup country.

Will the courier print my label?

If you have booked a standard shipping service with Eurosender, the courier driver will bring the label in most cases. However, for some countries, the courier company may have an exception, so we recommend you to check this further with our team.