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Carriers impose specific shipping regulations for aerosol cans as they contain hazardous substances that have many wondering if they can mail or ship aerosol cans abroad.

Can I mail or ship aerosol cans by courier?

The transportation of dangerous goods is regulated, and only specialised carriers can organise such shipping. Aerosols and other hazardous materials can cause harm and, in some cases, can be fatal if they are not adequately handled. Thus, the sender must ensure that the shipment complies with the various transport requirements and regulations for aerosols demanded by the carrier.

Are aerosols classed as dangerous goods?

Goods containing sprays and aerosols are classified as dangerous goods. You may now ask yourself why are aerosol cans dangerous.

The compressed gas and the mix of substances inside the metal canister makes the cans dangerous. Even though many times the ingredients do not consist of a hazardous chemical like those found in food products, it can still be a risky and explosive product.

As such, the shipper must always remember that packing such products is of utter importance. The preparation for shipping flammable liquids and sprays is handled differently; however, in general, not only that they need to be adequately packed, but also the labelling and documentation should always be in accordance with the regulations.

Do you want to know more about shipping dangerous items by courier?

What will happen if I ship flammable liquids with an unauthorized carrier?

For violating the Hazmat safety regulations, you will get certain penalties for knowingly sending flammable and other liquids by the carrier. You will also be fined if the substances you sent resulted in severe injuries to any person, illness or death. These penalties depend and vary according to the damage caused.

These rules are applied to keep the people and environment safe; thus, it is crucial to implement and follow them.

How should I label the aerosols for shipping?

Bear in mind that these types of shipments are rather different than other standard ones, and should be labelled accordingly. Many times, for standard services, you do not need any specific labelling; however, this is not the case when shipping aerosol cans.

The label when shipping aerosols should be added onto the package that will imply the shipment needs special handling. You should add the appropriate label for shipping aerosols depending on their type: corrosive, flammable, non-flammable, poisonous, or engine starting fluid.

The carrier should usually notify you if you are not sure which one should you use but, it is often some of the following hazmat ones: corrosive, non-flammable gas, flammable gas, or inhalation hazard.

Apart from the usual label when shipping aerosol cans or other, place Hazmat Orientation Markings on the package, so the carrier knows how to handle the shipment.

What is the packing group for aerosols?

Aerosols, or corrosive, each container not exceeding 1L capacity, fall under the packing group II (medium danger) or III (low danger) of the UN packing group.

  • The II packing group packing includes substances that need less than 45 seconds to burn and pass the wetted zone; or to elements whose reactions spread over the sample in 5 minutes.
  • The III packing group, on the other hand, is slightly different and includes substances that need less than 45 seconds to burn, and the wetted zone stops the flame for around 4 minutes; or elements whose reaction spreads over the sample in 5-10 minutes, but not more.

When shipping aerosol sprays, bear in mind that the container has to be DOT approved. Check the sides to look for the approval sign.

After you make sure that your shipment complies with all the shipping regulations for aerosol, you can then prepare the package:

  • Add cushioning to secure the cans.
  • Wrap the cans with bubble wrap, individually.
  • Place them in a fiberboard box.
  • Check if the content is tightly packed.
  • Make sure the shipment has the Hazmat orientation marking.

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Bear in mind that you must comply with the transporting regulations for shipping flammable liquids, to avoid any unwanted scenarios.

Last modified: October 23, 2020

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