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Do you sell cosmetic products online and need to ship them to your customers around Europe? Or maybe you would like to send a homemade cosmetic gift to a friend? Read the following tips about shipping cosmetics.

The cosmetics industry is a huge business and so is the shipping of beauty items. People order cosmetics products online and also send homemade lotions, creams, soaps as gifts. But when it comes to shipping cosmetic products, there are certain points that have to be taken into consideration.

As first, cosmetics is temperature sensitive, which means it can easily spoil during transport. Especially homemade cosmetics, which is made without so many preservatives. Standard shipping services do not offer temperature-controlled environment. This can compromise the quality of the products you are shipping. Of course, certain courier providers offer cold chain services for shipping goods. If you need advice on this issue, you can contact us directly.

Please note that shipping liquids is not recommended by most courier service providers as the risk of damage from inadequate packaging is very high. If such items are not packed properly, you may damage other packages during shipment. If this happens, your shipment may be excluded from shipping or returned to you. However, if you pack the goods carefully and protect the shipment properly, you can avoid the risk of damage.

Which packing materials to use for shipping cosmetics?

As said, if you decide to ship cosmetics, you need to pay attention to packaging. For sure you do not want for your product to freeze or melt or anyhow change the shape. We have put together a list of packaging materials that might help you to secure your shipment.

  1. Cardboard box – you can use new or used one, but make sure to find a sturdy box without dent, holes or tears. Use a box that is just a little bit bigger than the products you are shipping.
  2. Thermal bubble wrap – to protect your products from temperature changes.
  3. Cushioning materials – such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, crumbled paper etc. to secure times during transport and give extra protection against bumps and shocks of parcel handling.
  4. Adhesive tape and scissors – for cutting materials and securing the parcel.

Cosmetics are generally not prohibited articles, but it is forbidden to send flammable liquids (such as nail polish or acetone) and perfumes that contain alcohol. So before placing a pick-up order, make sure that the items you want to ship are not excluded from shipping on your chosen route (both in the pick-up country and the destination country).

How to pack and ship cosmetics?

Beauty products are packaged using glass or plastic bottles, pots etc. which can brake during parcel handling. So, in order for your package to reach the destination in one piece, we recommend to follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure that your products are properly closed. If needed you can always secure the lid with some tape.
  2. Wrap each item in a thermal bubble wrap or foil, securing it with adhesive tape. You can also use a thermal bubble mailer.
  3. Put some cushioning material on the bottom of the box. Place your items in the box and add more cushioning material to fill the empty space. Make sure that your beauty products do not move. Check this by slightly shaking the closed box.
  4. Close and seal the box with tape. Add shipping labels if needed.

As you can see it is very simple to pack and ship cosmetic products. All you have to do is to find adequate packaging and pack your beauties properly. To help you with this we have prepared an exhaustive list of the main hardware stores in Europe.

If you have any other question regarding how to pack and ship different items, check our dedicated pages.

Last modified: August 22, 2018

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