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Have you ever heard of fake products or replica goods? Obviously, you have heard about those. Counterfeit goods are a nightmare for large corporations with well-known brand names as well as for consumers which usually aim to purchase high-quality products. However, detecting fake clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, or glasses can be a challenge. That is why many consumers are wondering how to spot counterfeit goods. On the other hand, online retailers are also concerned about the legality of shipping counterfeit goods internationally. Overall, there are so many questions related to shipping counterfeit clothes, medicines, cosmetics, electronics, and even perfumes. Check out this article to learn more about fake products and the regulations concerning their transportation imposed by logistics companies and international organizations.

Is shipping counterfeit clothes, shoes, and other fake goods possible?

By no means, the production and distribution of fake goods and counterfeit items is allowed. However, the manufacturing of counterfeit products knocks down legitimate businesses by causing billions of US dollar losses. In fact, backstreet companies (which are usually located in the countries with cheap labour costs) violate intellectual property rights, which results in the infringement of patents, copyright, and trademarks. Obviously, such illegal activity leads to breaching criminal and civil laws depending on the severity of the matter.

When it concerns shipping counterfeit clothes, shoes, and other fake goods, the consignor who decides to transport those items via courier is solely responsible for any possible consequences. Consider that transportation of such products internationally may be an issue at the customs control. Even though it is not a bed of roses to identify counterfeit goods at a time, customs officers have their own secrets to do that. That is why it is not worth playing with fire as your parcels may just be confiscated in case they are suspected to contain counterfeit items. If a legitimate manufacturer approves that your shipment contains fake goods, it can be immediately destroyed. That is why you need to be extra careful when shipping counterfeit clothes, shoes, and other fake items.

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In brief, here are the reasons indicating why shipping counterfeit goods is forbidden.

  • Manufacturing of fake goods means that there is an infringement of patents, copyright, and trademarks of the property rights owner.
  • Production and distribution of counterfeits result in losses for legitimate companies. Subsequently, those have a legal right to sew backstreet companies producing fake goods.
  • Shipping counterfeit goods may result in confiscated packages or freight when customs officers detect such.
  • Making fake items is no way socially responsible due to the lack of standardization and quality control.

Shipping services with Eurosender

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Is it possible to return counterfeits using courier services?

Even though shipping fake items via courier is prohibited, many logistics companies will agree to arrange their transportation if you need to return counterfeits to their owners or online retailers. In fact, some sellers (middleman parties) do not even know that they distribute fake goods and products. Anyway, they are eligible for resolving the issue and pay for the return shipping services. In case you have purchased items on the online peer-to-peer platform or e-commerce website, you can also contact its support centre to report the evidence of counterfeits received. However, how do you know whether the clothes, shoes, perfumes, or watches delivered to you from sellers are genuine or forged? You will find several tips on how to identify counterfeits in the next section of the article.

Learn how to spot counterfeit goods right away

Obviously, a great number of fake products is manufactured each year. However, the basic law of economics states that demand in the market is triggering supply. There are many people who cannot afford to buy luxurious and very expensive goods, so counterfeits might be a great alternative. Some companies manufacture counterfeits which seem almost 100% genuine, so check out basic tips on how to spot counterfeit goods.

  1. Buy from reputable companies. If you want to get a Gucci bag or Ray-Ban glasses, it is better to turn to authorized shops. As some companies might not have retail stores in your area, ordering goods online might be the only possible option. However, there is a risk you will get fake goods instead of genuine ones. That is why read the reviews of the particular business where you are going to purchase goods.
  2. Evaluate the deal. If the item you want to buy is much cheaper than the original version of it, be sure that it is a counterfeit. This goes for both wholesale and retail cases. Nevertheless, many backstreet companies try to put the same prices as legitimate companies do in order to beat any confusion of consumers.
  3. Check the quality of the product. In case you received an item that does not have the particular qualities matching its characteristics, take advantage of the option to return counterfeits. You can also watch YouTube videos or surf the internet to find specific content related to the differentiation between a genuine and a fake version of the specific product.
  4. Examine a tag. The information on a tag can say much about the product you got. If it is written “Made in China”, then the item needs an additional inspection. It is a well-known fact that China is the biggest manufacturer of fake goods in the world. At the same time, China is the greatest producer of commodities ordered by legitimate businesses. Consider that such countries as Singapore, Taiwan, and Turkey are also on the list of states producing a significant number of counterfeits.

Make sure you do ship legitimate goods, but if you need to return counterfeits or dispatch other types of items, feel free to place an order on our website and contact our logistics experts.

Last modified: July 25, 2019

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