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We already know that airlines charge additional fees when your bag weighs more than stated. Now you have found yourself in that situation and you wonder what are your options: Should you pay the additional fee, or can you ship your bag from the airport with a courier company?

Things to consider before shipping a package from the airport

If you are carrying items that the airport deems as dangerous (such as a knife, sharp items or any object that the security check might confiscate), you should consider arranging the shipping before you go through security. Once you go through the security check with such items, they will stop you and they will most likely confiscate those items.

Airlines have strict rules when it comes to the type of objects that one can carry along. People usually place these items in the checked luggage, that goes in the cargo. What to do with the things you forgot to put in the checked baggage?

You have two options left: you either leave them behind or look for shipping service from the airport to your home.

International shipping from the airport to your door

Courier services to perform transportation from the airport to your home or another airport

If you don’t want to burden your friends and make them take care of the items, you can just ship it directly to your address. It is very liberating when you can turn to a courier company that can perform the shipping services from the airport to the desired destination, whether that be your home or another airport.

If you ever sent things to yourself from an airport before, you know that it can turn out to be quite complicated if you don’t take all the measures to avoid any issues.

Package delivery companies from airports

You can hire many courier companies to send a package from the airport. However, you need to take into consideration a few things:

1. Give an exact point of collection

Airports are quite large and confusing places. You need to give precise information to make it easier for the courier driver to find the location. Courier drivers cannot afford to spend a long time looking for a place that is hard to find.

Send your parcel from one office or one company’s counter if you can personally arrange with them.

2. Give a contact person at the point of collection

In some cases, if the courier has difficulties in finding the place, he might need to call a person for more information. It is always preferable to give contact of a person that he can turn to.

You will have to arrange a point of collection and give the people working there all the necessary information before collection.

Whether you send a parcel from an airport office, from the lost and found section, a shop, a cafeteria or any other place, you have to give to the people working there all the information about the shipping service. Important information for this purpose would be the courier company’s’ name, the day of the pick-up and if given, also the hour when they can expect the courier to come.

Try to check before how professional and competent the people are, so you can decide if you can trust them or not. Make sure you mark your package well so that they won’t mix up the boxes and hand the wrong one to the courier.

Package delivery companies

“Mail it home services” at the airport have become more common. Many airports have opened an office where the items that the items you cannot bring on the aircraft can be packed and shipped to the address.

First, check if the airport has a service for the disposal of prohibited items. However, have in mind that the possession of these items should not be prohibited by law. Otherwise, they won’t carry the service for you. If there are no such services available, then you can turn to a courier company directly.

At Eurosender, we have created a platform that specializes in all sorts of deliveries. If you find yourself in the situation when you cannot take the items with you on the plane, but you don’t want to leave them behind, you can book courier services on our platform.

Our system will check the cheapest option for shipping packages from the airport to your home and provide you with a very competitive quote. We will send a courier company to collect your package from the airport.

You only need to make sure you give accurate information for the location of the parcel.

For more advice on how to ship a parcel safely from the airport home, you can get in touch with our agents using our live chat.

Last modified: March 27, 2020

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