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HELP I need to ship an urn abroad …

Do you find yourself in a situation where you have to ship humans remains by courier abroad or back home? Unfortunately, this is not a service we provide at Eurosender, but we can help you find some companies who can. Other than that, we can help you with some other shipping needs to take away some of the worries.

Can I use Eurosender for shipping human remains by courier?

If you were to ship an empty coffin or urn abroad, we would be the ideal candidate for you. Unfortunately, sending human ashes or shipping human remains by courier is not a part of our repertoire. This would have to be handled by a dedicated service that has experience in these matters. We are an online platform where you can find the best price for shipping parcels and such. Parcels are picked up at your door and sent to a depot where they are centralized from where they go to a depot in another country. These areas and conditions are not ideal for shipping human remains by courier. In the next chapter, we will talk about some alternatives to Eurosender.

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Then how do I ship a coffin abroad?

As promised, we will help you by giving suggestions on how to ship an urn abroad. Try the following alternatives to ship a coffin abroad:

1) Visit the website of the National Funeral Directors Association. Here you will find ample information on how to ship human remains to and from a country. They give you answers in questions like:

  • What documents are needed to send to another country?
  • May I ship cremated remains through the mail?
  • What to do if the body exceeds the weight limit?
  • How to get in contact with the consulate/embassy?

2) Check the website of your nation’s government. For instance, the British government created a page on what to do if somebody dies abroad. Also, the embassy of the Philippines in London has created a page on sending human ashes to the Philippines.

3) Other companies might be specialized in shipping human remains:

How can Eurosender help you?

Eurosender might not be able to help you to ship an urn abroad, but we can help you take away some worries such as:

  • Ship your luggage ahead.

When dealing with bringing home the coffin, you might forget taking care of your own luggage. This is where we can help. On our online platform, you can order a door-to-door shipment in a few clicks. The only thing you would have to do is to secure your suitcase for shipping (i.e. wrapping it). We will make sure the courier comes to pick up your luggage wherever you want and bring it to your home. Also, with temporary storage, we can help you. For more information visit our website or contact one of our agents.

  • Ship your suit, dress or clothes up front.

If you are not traveling with a full suitcase but just a nice attire for the funeral, you might decide just to bring a suit. Traveling with a suit or dress can be tedious. You have to carry it the entire time, which is something you can miss at this moment. Ship your clothes upfront with Eurosender.

  • Ship valuable items abroad.

In case you decide to ship valuable items like jewelry, watches, or money abroad. We suggest you take a look at this dedicated article.

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We hope this article was of any help to you. If there are any other questions regarding shipping human remains or sending human ashes, feel free to contact one of our agents, they can help you in more than 15 languages.

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Last modified: April 25, 2019

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