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When deciding to use a courier company to organize the shipping of your packages, suitcases or pallets, maybe you’ve faced the question of whether to buy or not additional shipping insurance. In this article, we will give you an overview of the types of insurance available and what the customers should consider before buying extra insurance.

Shipping packages and suitcases should free you from the burden of carrying them along. It should give customers peace of mind that they will reach their destination undamaged.

However, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes, even though you are very careful when packing your belongings, things can still go wrong and the unwanted can happen: you might receive the parcel damaged.

To avoid any losses, you should certainly consider buying additional insurance. Paying for extra insurance won’t break the bank. Instead, in the unlikely event that your package is lost or damaged, you will have that extra security, knowing that you can receive a refund for your losses.

Things to check before shipping your parcels

  • Determine what’s the value of the items you are going to ship. Try to always remember to keep the receipts of the things you buy if you want to ship them later. You will need to prove the value of the items that you placed inside the package. This way you will be able to do it accurately;
  • Check in the beginning if the courier company or the booking engine for courier services offer free insurance coverage and its value;
  • Check the terms of purchasing additional insurance.

When talking about shipping insurance, insuring a package for standard shipping and insuring a pallet for freight shipping are two different things.

For package shipping, usually, there is basic insurance included in the shipping service’s price. Generally, the insurance coverage that is included in the price of the service ranges from a value of up to 50 EUR to 200 EUR.

At Eurosender, we cover the loss or damage for up to 200 EUR for each parcel without further costs.

Additional shipping insurance for packages

Additional insurance is available at different rates. Courier companies also use different ways to calculate the final price. Some courier service providers will set the prices depending on the type of service chosen (i.e. standard/express/national/international). They will offer different thresholds and charge a given amount for each (i.e. for every 100 EUR of insurance, they could charge 1 EUR). Other courier companies will have a pre-set price and a maximum range that they offer (i.e. for insurance coverage of up to 5.000 EUR, they could set a price of, let’s say 20 EUR).

At Eurosender, we offer some of the most affordable rates for additional insurance. Through our partner, ERGO, one of the biggest insurance company in Europe, we are able to ensure our customer’s packages for a value of up to 1.000 EUR or up to 2.000 EUR and the price is only 9.99 EUR and 14.99 EUR, respectively.

When should you buy shipping insurance?

How do you put shipping insurance on a pallet?

The price of extra insurance for pallets varies. It depends mostly on the content of the shipment and its value. If you plan to transport fragile items, the insurance will be more expensive and the costs can raise up to half of the value of the items.

Certainly, the price differs from one courier company to another, so make sure you do your research.

You might think that buying extra insurance is not worth the expense. Nevertheless, it always pays off in the end. We work closely with courier companies and even though we know that the cases of lost or damaged parcels are rare, you need to take into account that issues might always arise.

What to take into account when you purchase extra shipping insurance?

No matter what type of insurance you choose to buy, it is crucial to keep the proof of the total value of the goods that you plan to ship. Only by giving evidence of how much your items are worth, you will receive compensation according to the terms of the insurance.

Another significant aspect is related to packaging. Check the website of the courier company/booking engine of the courier services for guidelines on how to properly pack your shipment. If you are still unsure of how to do so, double check with their customer support and ask for more advice. It is important to pack your things the way they describe it and use high-quality packaging material.

For example, if you plan on shipping a pallet and you choose an old one, prone to get damaged due to the weight of the load, you might have trouble in completely recovering the damages.

Last but not least, always check what items you are not allowed to place inside parcels and choose the courier company depending on what you want to ship. Not all courier companies offer temperature controlled transport. You might want this service in case you need to send food or temperature-sensitive objects. Again, make your research and find the courier company that would accommodate your needs.

You will find out that while some items are completely forbidden for shipping by most courier companies, other items are restricted or just not recommended. For more explanations regarding the differences between them, check our dedicated blog post. However, keep in mind that for none of them will the insurance be applied.

In conclusion, there are many rules that apply when it comes to the shipping insurance. The pricing differs from one courier company to another. We strongly recommend you to get in touch directly with the representatives of the company in order to find out more information. Make sure that you understand completely under which terms shipping insurance is effective.

Last modified: May 7, 2019

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