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The repercussions of shipping guns and cases where it went horribly wrong.

In the shipping community, there is this list of restricted, forbidden and not recommended items. Couriers can deny the transport of these items at any time. Some of these items are in a grey zone, this means that people will ship some of these goods, but they will do so with full responsibility. As well as the responsibility to cover any costs that might follow when the items are intercepted by authorities and need to be sent back or destroyed.

Firearms, guns, and rifles are not one of those items! We do not recommend shipping these items under any circumstance. That’s why there are shipping restrictions for guns.

Why shipping guns by courier might not be a good idea

Again, we repeat that guns, firearms, and rifles are not recommended for shipping. Shipping restrictions for guns exist because firearms are considered dangerous and when they are not properly packed or even packed with ammunition still in them, they could seriously harm people. If any of these items are sent, the shipment would be either refused, confiscated or destroyed.

If you have questions on shipping restrictions for guns please contact us and one of our agents will give you the information you require.

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3 cases where it went south fast

  • Toy gun shipped without an orange cap.

In Germany, a toy gun was held at customs because the owner decided to ship the toy without the orange cap to make it look ‘cooler’. The gun was confiscated and the owner got away without a fine.

  • BB gun was considered too real.

In 2014, a man, who was abroad for work, shipped a BB gun to his son in the Netherlands. Unfortunately for this man, his parcel was confiscated by the Dutch customs because the BB gun was considered too real and could form a threat to the safety of both the child and the people. The BB gun was confiscated, and the man was fined 100 euro.

  • Huge fine for shipping a gun.

If you are an authorized arms seller, other rules apply to you. Unfortunately for this one seller, who did not fill out the declaration of content and shipped a rifle to a customer abroad. This was intercepted by border control and the man received a fine of 10 000 euros.

Now that we have explained these restrictions, maybe we have changed your mind about shipping guns by a courier. But in case you do want to ship other items, check our destinations and prices, and start shipping with us!

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Last modified: July 22, 2019

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