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Flying to space, feeling the zero gravity and even meeting alien life is a dream of many. And while some like Elon Musk makes promises to make travelling to space accessible for the average Joe, Eurosender is space miles ahead, providing you with shipping solutions to infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear (one of our dedicated shipping partners) would say!

Ship a GoPro to Mars

Maybe you don’t have enough money to afford a ticket to Mars or you just cannot wait until 2025 to see the red planet by yourself. With Eurosender and the help of our specialized partners like Nasla or SpaceY, we can make your experience as realistic as it can be.

For optimal results we suggest you to attach your GoPro to an automatized moving device like a Roomba vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget that lithium batteries are not welcome aboard so maybe it’s a good idea if you attach a solar panel to it as well! Maybe there are still some issues to figure out but nonetheless, you must agree that our idea is pretty nice.

Ship a replica of yourself to Mars and take a Selfie!

What could be cooler than have your own super-realistic statue on Mars? It’s basically like you already live there and you don’t even have to wear a spacesuit since your statue won’t be exactly breathing. Put an iPhone in your statue’s hand and BAM! Mars Selfie on the way! We will surely give you a lot of likes on your Instagram profile!

But in order to ship your own statue to Mars, we do have a few recommendations. We know how realistic wax statues maybe but considering the high speed during the trip and the high temperatures in Mars let’s say your statue may get more than a sunburn. Instead, we suggest you use harder materials like stone and steel.

Send a package to your loved ones travelling to Mars

Can you imagine the surprised face of your uncle when he lands on Mars and there’s a welcome package from you waiting for him? That’s right! Our door-to-Mars-base-air-door deliveries allow you to ship a package from any address you wish to whatever location you want. And now with our new “spacie-lized” astronaut partners, we can make it possible for you to ship your uncle’s favourite bottle of whiskey or brand of cigars for the perfect welcome reception in Mars. Of course, the paper box may self-inflame, or the whiskey … or the cigars. But what counts is the intention right?

Just remember to book the shipping in advance in order to make sure it will arrive before your uncle does in the year 2028. Luckily, we have an estimated delivery time tool that will give you more precise information about the 7 months your package will need to arrive at its destination!

If you have any questions about other items you would like to have shipped to Mars let us know. And if the Moon is your destination choice (Venus available soon), just ask us for an Individual Offer and our partners will surely come up with the best solution for your shipping needs!

Last modified: May 21, 2020

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