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The many transportation methods offered nowadays both to individuals, small e-commerces and large companies bring a whole range of shipping combinations to the market. Between very slow and cheap shipping to very fast and expensive deliveries, there are many options to choose from.

Shipping options: Slow and cheap, fast and expensive and everything else in between

Depending on the type of customer, different types of shipping methods are available. Therefore, while for an individual, the cheapest shipping option may be what we call standard shipping, for a business, loading a whole container does require much more complex planning.

Cheap and expensive shipping options to individuals

When booking a shipping service by normal post or by courier, individuals will normally be offered what is called standard shipping service. This type of service can vary according to the courier company and route but normally it applies to a parcel till certain weight and dimensions. However, different services can also be available for individuals such as:

  • Express shipping or urgent transport by van: normally with deliveries next day or even in the same day for some couriers, this type of transport is more expensive as is requires the courier to adjust their route according to one specific delivery.
  • Delivery by sea and air freight: when purchasing goods from China, Taiwan or Australia, a final customer is usually offered a sort of different options with different estimates delivery times and, of course, different prices. While the most expensive shipping options may promise delivery from Australia to Europe in 5 working days, some items may even include free delivery from China in 60 days. This being said, it is easy to understand that while the first option is most probably carried by a combination of plane and van, where the package is sent with high priority, the second option usually implies a ship containing with millions of small packages that will travel by sea and road before reaching the final address.

Fast and Slow delivery options for companies

As companies have different priorities, there is a world of different combinations between van, truck, train, plane and container ships to deliver goods across the whole world. Therefore, here are some examples of combinations of shipping methods that companies require to get their shipments delivered:

  • Cheap and Slow: big retailers or importers can book shipments that weigh several tons and take over several containers at once. Moreover, as businesses always plan their logistics needs ahead, these processes are usually not time-sensitive and sea freight or even rail freight are usually the preferred methods for these loads.
  • Fast and Expensive: some companies don’t need parcel or package deliveries but important documents and contracts deliveries instead. It is common for businesses that work mainly with services, such as consulting or accounting firms, to have the frequent need for urgent deliveries either to their customers or business partners. As these types of shipments are very time-sensitive, these companies will many times opt for paying more but get an express delivery by plane or same-day courier by van.
  • Deliveries by truck: while retailers may normally require standard shipping services to deliver goods to their customers, they may get their supplies delivered to warehouses by LTL or PTL shipping, in pallets or bulk. Often, these goods are brought from overseas of faraway countries by specialized importers that distribute them afterwards within retailers by truck.
  • Standard deliveries: Some retailers such as e-commerces and SMEs may not need urgent deliveries to their final customers. However, a good business can’t afford to let their customers wait 60 days to receive their purchases either. Therefore, deliveries by van (with the so-called standard service) are the most common option for this case.

Fast and slow shipping services offered by Eurosender

Eurosender has come a long way to make sure each customer gets exactly the type of shipping service they need. Either you are an individual shipping a package to a family friend, a big company requiring FTL services to import their supplies or a law firm in need to ship an urgent document, you can find the right option for you in just one click.



If you still don’t know what is the perfect fit for your shipping needs, our logistics experts are always available to help you with any questions you may have.


Last modified: December 23, 2019

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