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I guess we can all agree that travelling is the best thing to do! From learning about new cultures to trying out their cuisine, to seeing all the historical and authentic places for the town/country. But the actual beauty of travelling is having to carry your luggage around… or maybe not?

Carrying your bags while travelling can be a real nightmare. Especially when you decide to bring your whole wardrobe for just the weekend. Who knows if you would need that shirt that you bought 10 years ago and never wore? Better safe than sorry.

Types of smart bags and all about shipping suitcases by courier

Whether it comes to carrying it around or sending a smart suitcase abroad there are still several types of characteristics that people look at when buying a bag. Even though every individual has different preferences when choosing a bag, there are still several qualities that people can agree on.

The materialThe weight
The material is the first thing we notice on the bag and we all want it to be durable. Some people prefer the hard-side ones, where the outside material of the bag is sturdy, and others prefer the soft-sided ones. The real difference between these two (wheeled or not) is that the hard-side ones can better protect the inside items, but with the soft-side ones, you can stuff more things inside each pocket there is.
The weight of it is another thing that people pay a lot of attention to, especially if you travel by plane and have to follow the airlines’ baggage allowances. Then, people usually decide to get the one that weighs less. Usually, bags without wheels and any additional aluminium part are harder to be carried around but they do have the advantage of weighing less.

Thus, we can separate between three categories of wheeled luggage, travel packs and travel duffels. The travel packs and travel duffels generally weigh less but have to be carried on and the wheeled one weighs a bit more but it is easier to be carried around. However, if you want to travel light and want to ship a suitcase by courier contact us and we will tell you all the details on how to properly pack and ship your bag abroad.

The new century’s breakthrough and the characteristics of a smart suitcase

Living in the 21st century means a lot of technology advancements. We may have thought that we would be seeing flying cars by 2020 but no one had guessed there would be luggage that would carry itself around on its own. So, innovators have taken the matter into their hands and have thought of making a smart bag that has unique characteristics of a smart suitcase that would make your travel easier.

In case you want to ship your bag or send your smart suitcase abroad we suggest shipping it so you would still benefit travelling light.

The main thing when looking at all these new types of luggage is that they all rely on a battery. You may wonder if this type is considered to be prohibited luggage as it includes lithium batteries. Remember, lithium batteries are considered to be dangerous goods so, shipping these by courier might be subject to strict regulations. However, not all is dark and black. We have noticed that on many of them you can get the battery out and still ship them! Let us tell you our list of favourites:

  • Ovis– by far the most advanced is this self-driving luggage! Imagine walking around the airport and not having to worry if you will forget your bag somewhere, as it is following you around! Therefore, this type of bag has GPS that you can trace it anywhere which makes it the best characteristic of a smart suitcase.
  • Ebolt – this one has a real advantage regarding the battery (other than having a removable battery) is that it charges as you spin the wheels! That is correct, you do not have to worry if you forgot to recharge it or not. This suitcase did all the job for you already!
  • Skyvalet – forgot your cable and worry how would you charge your phone? Skyvalet offers you a wireless charger for your phone. It is also designed to withstand any surface with its shark wheels.
  • Plevowe all must have the same feeling about ironing clothes- trying to avoid it at all times. And with travelling, we feel this the most. Therefore, Plevo has introduced its built-in garment hanger so you would not have to worry about any of that anymore. Buying new luggage is usually due to broken wheels, but with Plevo you get to remove and change the wheels when damaged.
  • Genius packmade out of bulletproof material, you might think it weights a lot! Weighing only 3kg makes it one among the standard weight for smaller suitcases. With this suitcase, you also get to sort your belongings into different departments.

You may wonder what does a smart suitcase do? As nowadays we rely on technology, one common characteristic of a smart suitcase is that they all have a charging station for electronic devices. What is also important to mention is that they all have a removable battery that would not cause any issues when travelling by plane. Apart from this, they can be easily located with their GPS locators. Other have the possibility to follow you around or even having electronic scales to measure the bag’s weight.

They are all designed to comply with the airlines’ standards and are TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved.

Send a smart suitcase abroad with Eurosender

If you decide to ship a suitcase by courier then we suggest following some instructions first. Most couriers do accept suitcase as a way of packaging as long as they are wrapped in plastic foil and/or put in a cardboard box for extra security and probability of the courier refusing to collect the items. If the pick-up takes place in Poland or the Czech Republic it is a must that you have the suitcase placed inside a cardboard box.

Please keep in mind that shipping a suitcase overseas with a portable battery is considered to be prohibited luggage as it includes lithium batteries, thus before sending a smart suitcase abroad make sure you take the battery out and with you while travelling.

Last modified:October 14, 2019

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