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Shipping companies are nowadays considered as a great way of sending any items. They have simplified the life of millions of people, most of all in recent times considering that our world is becoming more and more connected and trades and relationships among people of different countries are commonplace.

By the way, people are so used to count on shipping services that they think they can ship whatever they want, both “normal” items and unusual ones.
Thus, we have gathered some of the weirdest things which have been sent to and from Italy. Italians are known to be passionate people who love good food and who are really linked to traditions, especially at a regional level.

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Food and food again

Italian people love not only to eat food but also to share it with others, both from other parts of Italy or from a different country – they try to export Italian cuisine and “the Italian way of doing things” almost everywhere. Thus, here are some of the weirdest food items which have been shipped to and from Italy: citrus fruit (usually produced in warm areas such as the South of Italy), sorghum (a genus of flowering plants, used as food both for humans and animals), a skewer cutter for kebab, a packet of Sardinian sweets and the so-called “Casu Marzu”. The last two things are both parts of the traditional cuisine of Sardinia, many people who went there for vacation fell in love with its particular sweets and want to eat them also at their hometown.

About the second product “Casu Marzu”, it is a very particular and appreciated sheep milk cheese that contains live maggots which are eaten with the cheese as well. It sounds disgusting and not healthy at all, but many people love it and it’s been part of the Sardinian tradition for decades. Anyway, because of European Union food hygiene-health regulations, this cheese has been outlawed; thus we suggest you check which items are forbidden in certain countries before deciding what food you want to ship. Be aware that if you decide to send items which are not allowed anyway, you will be held responsible for any damage or issue incurred.

Random items

Italians are also known to be very religious, indeed Rome and the Vatican City are the most iconic and important places where the official headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church are located. As loyal catholic people should do, some Italians have shipped rosaries and other religious items (maybe to export Catholicism as well as Italian cuisine).
Other random items which have been sent to and from Italy are the followings: a driving license, one key, a handmade pillow used for artistic purposes and raw wool, still untreated and freshly sheared by the shepherd’s sheep, this last one sounds quite weird, right?

Now you know that in Italy people don’t send only common things like clothes or personal items but also really unique and in a way funny items, but you have to remember that not everything can be sent through the standard shipping services: some items are forbidden or not recommended and there’s the risk that what you decided to ship can be damaged or sent back to the sender. If you want to learn more about what you can and cannot ship please contact our Customer Support which will be glad to help you with all the questions you might have about your shipment.

If you have a weird or unusual shipping request, ask us! You can send almost anything (but no pythons, please, give messengers a break) with Eurosender, and our logistics experts will tell you if your shipment is feasible or if you will make it into our next weird shipping article!

These are our favourites from the list of weird or unusual things sent to and from Spain. Can you think of some others? Tell us in the comments below, we are always ready to have a laugh!

Last modified:September 06, 2019

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