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Looking for accommodation when moving abroad

Moving abroad can be quite a dreadful task when it comes to finding accommodation. If you don’t speak the language and you have no time to visit the flat previously, looking for a place abroad can turn out to be a slow and risky process.

Focused on helping interns and young professionals in finding a place to call home, Student Room Flat is a digital platform that promises to make your flat-sharing experience abroad as safe and memorable as it can be. Student Room Flat dares you to flatshare enriching this way your experience far from home like never before.

Student Room Flat and eurosender

We leave you here 5 great reasons why looking for a room and flat-sharing using our partner Student Room Flat is the absolute best way to start your international adventure!


1- Keep it safe and easy!

Booking from abroad can seem like a bold move especially when you hear about all the scary scam stories. Unfortunately, it is true that many online ads and social media rental groups are full of scammers waiting for you to make a false step and end up losing big quantities of money and without any accommodation when you arrive.

In Student Room Flat one of their main missions is precisely keeping the international students, interns and young professionals safe by offering a digital platform that is 100% scam-free. All of their flats and owners are regularly verified, and all the payments go through the platform in order to assure the owners and tenants have an absolutely safe and positive experience.

Better safe than sorry, so when it comes to finding your accommodation choose smartly!


2- Everything included + permanent support

When you flatshare with Student Room Flat all utilities are included! You pay for a full package that already covers expenses like Wi-Fi, electricity and water! While you live abroad you do not want to spend your time and patience in dealing with a huge number of problems concerning everchanging and delayed bills. Make your life easier by choosing a rental option that covers all the boring and complicated part of renting a room abroad! Asides from the bills included Student Room Flat also offers you in their package a permanent support service, assuring the quality of your accommodation experience before, during and even after your stay!


3- Alone but never lonely

With Student Room Flat you can be alone without ever being lonely. Their thoughtful solution gives you the chance of renting a room instead of the entire flat, which for itself already gives you way more freedom to move in and move out without depending on anyone else. Having your room in a shared flat allows you to comfortably keep your privacy while, when you want, you can enjoy the common areas. Staying with Student Room Flat means you will have your private place for an affordable price instead of living in a crowded dorm room, where the prices do not justify the lack of quality, cleanliness and privacy.

4- Networking opportunity


Due to their well-developed concept of flat-sharing/co-living Student Room Flat has created a rental solution that follows the belief that your home is your first network. SRF strongly thinks that sharing a flat with other people from different study and work areas, all pursuing international careers, can build a rich common ground prone to networking opportunities. Sharing stories, skills and interests will allow you to broaden your knowledge and, who knows, better define your career/life path.


5- Belong to a community

Sharing is caring and inside Student Room Flat’s community sharing skills, languages and cultures have been essential to building their big community of interns, young professionals and students. One of the biggest fears for many people before arriving abroad is if they don’t find friends due to language barriers or even their sheer personalities. In Student Room Flat when you arrive abroad you already belong to a properly built community. This makes your integration abroad way easier, faster and perhaps less scary!


Start your adventure abroad by choosing the best room in the city of your dreams here: Student Room Flat.

If you want to know more about their community check their youtube channel where many tenants have shared their incredible experience staying with Student Room Flat!


Remember: Dare to flatshare, dare to live your best life!


Last modified: August 22, 2019

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