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Moving abroad is a new experience on its own but having to move all of your belongings to another place is quite an adventure. Is it an adventure or more of a challenge though? ” For me, it was both”- Kaja Karba is remembering and sharing her experience.

The challenge

Moving to London was an exciting new chapter, but yet I needed to bring some reminders of my old home with me. Did I say some? I meant a lot! That is where I started panicking. Flying to London was definitely my choice, but bringing all of my belongings with me was not an alternative. I had to think of an affordable and fast solution ASAP!

Looking at the options I thought I had was to either bring them on the flight with me (which would cost me a fortune), or to send them with the Post Office (that was also an expensive alternative). Not having a car was another issue I was facing, which was making my choices rather limited. Then, my friend turned out to be a true blessing when she suggested Eurosender.

The solution

I have started looking at Eurosender’s platform to see which services do they offer. After all, I was moving to another country on my own and wanted this whole process as smooth as possible.

Door-to-door shipping was definitely something I was very happy about. I did not have to arrange another vehicle to bring the shipment to my house. And the prices and estimated delivery time of 2 business days from Slovenia to the United Kingdom? I could not be happier!

I started sending smaller packages, to see how would it all work out. After a couple of orders, I knew that Eurosender was definitely the platform and solution for my shipping problem. I started shipping more packages and more frequently, and it became a way to stay connected to my friends and family.

During the holiday period, I would start feeling homesick and missing a lot from home. Last Christmas, my family surprised me, my boyfriend and my brother in law not only with the typical Christmas gifts (and lots of chocolate!) but also with new kitchen appliances, new dishes, bed covers and other home accessories. All shipped with Eurosender for a really fast period, with no damage, and for a rather cheap price!

Should I mention that I am generous as well when it comes present for my loved ones? I love the Christmas spirit and all the presents along, so I decided to send a guitar to my dad in Slovenia. You do not imagine sending a guitar by post, but with Eurosender I felt comfortable booking a shipment to send my guitar abroad as all packages are insured. Apart from the free basic insurance of up to 200 EUR, I took an additional one during the ordering process, too!

Often, it happens that I need to send my documents to Slovenia as it happened recently, that I had a deadline of two days. Again, I contacted Eurosender, and they proposed the Express Service. With this service, my document arrived even before its deadline, meaning in just 24h! Can you imagine the relief?

The result

As you can notice, I have mentioned the part ‘Cheap shipping solution’ rather frequently and I did it with a reason. If you are a student, person living abroad, or just someone that likes to surprise a friend from abroad I recommend using Eurosender’s platform to book any type of shipment. Eurosender has saved me a lot of money, and you can see what I mean from this example: a 10kg package from Ljubljana to London with the Post Office at the time was costing about 25 EUR, and with Eurosender I could have a package weighing up to 40 kg for just 29 EUR.

Personally, I always choose to ship my belonging as it easiness my travelling. It is also a cheaper option than taking an extra bag or two with Ryanair or Easyjet. Simply pack your boxes, place the order with Eurosender, and they will arrange the shipping through with the partner courier companies that will collect/deliver the shipment. Now, I am sending and receiving packages (smaller and bigger ones) at least once a month, and if I ever decide to move again, I will be definitely using Eurosender’s removal services

!Kaja Karba with Eurosender

Last modified: February 28, 2020

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