From a Transportation Challenge to a Smooth Experience | Anja Sivec’s Story

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”After 8 years abroad, moving back permanently was a blessing for my blogger/content creator career but also a challenge. The hardest part was to figure out how to transfer all of my belongings that I collected over 8 years, without receiving any income for the previous few months.” – Anja Sivec sharing her memories.

The challenge

Living between Los Angeles and Dubai for eight years was indeed a unique experience. However, with it, there was also the stress and complication to always take all the necessary belongings with me.

The biggest challenge was yet to come. The pandemics forced me back to my hometown, and now a question remained: How am I going to take ALL of my belongings from Los Angeles to Slovenia?

At that time, without financial resources, I thought it would be impossible to get an offer that fits in my pocket. Purchasing additional luggage allowance seemed like the only option for me at the time, which wasn’t an ideal one. It costed a fortune! As a result of destiny, I came across a Eurosender ad on Instagram, offering worldwide shipping solutions, and my luck had changed.

The solution

After the ad got my attention, I was intrigued to see Eurosender shipping services, prices and the reviews on their platform. After all, I was moving permanently, and I wanted to make sure that I choose the best transportation service to avoid any negative surprises.

I was amazed by the Eurosender variety of services, low prices, short delivery times, and positive customer reviews. The service that immediately got my attention was the door-to-door shipping service that I did not know of before! These benefits attracted me, and I decided to try sending a package using the Express service from Eurosender.

My package was picked up right at the door of my old Los Angeles home and delivered to my door in Slovenia, just as promised. I did not have the least trouble of having to take my box to the post office, let alone having to wait in lines.

The best thing is that with the Express service my box was delivered in 3 working days! Can you imagine? In the middle of a pandemic, with all services delaying deliveries, the team of Eurosender was able to organise an intercontinental transportation service in 3 working days.

The result

After receiving the first batch of packages, I decided that I would relocate to Slovenia using only Eurosender services, due to the amazing experience I had! I could not have made a better choice, as they offered me a customized relocation solution adapted to my needs!

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that Eurosender will be the chosen platform for any shipping needs I have. As a travel blogger, I have many trips and adventures to take and perhaps new countries to live in, and no matter which of these circumstances I am, I will be using Eurosender services. Why? It was the solution to my biggest problems, and it offered not only a much lower price than I would pay on another platform but also excellent service and smooth experience.

Therefore, if you are an expat, student or traveller, I more than recommend using Eurosender to send all types of shipment. As I already mentioned, not only I saved money, but also time, and avoided a lot of headaches, having a good experience with the transport of my belongings. Eurosender platform is complete and offers the necessary solution for any transportation challenge you may be facing.


Last modified:December 10, 2020
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