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Have you ever heard of someone trying to send something really weird via mail? Well, we have. Sometimes, we receive… let’s say, “unusual requests” and we have a good laugh. Receiving a funny shipping request always brightens our days. This is how and why we started these series of unusual shipping requests from and to different countries. While doing that, we realized that two of the weirdest but also most common things people try to send, even if they are both on the list of restricted or prohibited items, are food and alcohol. We understand, however, that sometimes, we miss some tastes from home so much, that we must find a way to be able to eat it. No matter how hard one tries, nothing will taste the same in a foreign country. And well, buying a flight ticket to go back home might be a bit more expensive than having your family ship it to you. Moreover, aren’t homemade specialities the best ones? This week, we decided to do an article about the weirdest and funniest things, people try to send to and from Slovenia and its many neighbouring countries. Check out the list below!

bizarre shipments to Slovenia

Wheelbarrow and bags of cement

Imagine receiving an email from a customer, asking you if they can send a wheelbarrow to Slovenia. I bet the first question that crosses your mind is: why? Well, we are also wondering why. Same thing about the cement. It is pretty interesting that someone tried to ship it. Cement is a heavy material, meaning it is expensive to ship, so why would someone try to send it by courier? Maybe it’s a gift. I mean, one can ship a brick with a personal message on it so why not sending cement to a friend? Well, the reason why someone asked to ship cement will remain a mystery for us. Let’s just say that it’s an original idea and we won’t judge. We also wrote an article on what you can send as a prank to your friend (or to your worst enemy), you can have a look at the list we made!

Sex toys

Ordering sex toys online and having them delivered is pretty easy nowadays, so why not send them by the courier as well? What is even more interesting is that someone tried to ship 12 sex toys in one box… Again, no judging, just an interesting number of items.

Live chickens and frozen crabs

We already talked about shipping pets via courier in the previous blog article on the most bizarre things people want to ship to or from Romania. Even though we didn’t talk about a specific kind of animals, the same rule applies to any live animals, chickens included. I mean, would you want to travel in a cardboard box across the world? I guess not.

Regarding the frozen crabs, it’s a bit better. However, shipping frozen food products require some special procedures. We all know how dangerous it can be if one eats some products which are not fresh enough. There are some dedicated courier services for shipping frozen products and one should always turn to them and not just to any regular courier companies.

If you need more information about what you can and can’t ship by courier, you can always contact us and our agents from will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Now, you know what are some of the weirdest shipping habits Slovenians have. We hope you had a good laugh and you learned that some items are not meant for shipping. We will be doing more of these so stay tuned!

And you? What are the weirdest things you have heard someone was shipping or trying to ship? Which country or region should we write about next time? Tell us in the comments below and maybe we will feature your answer in our next blog post!

Last modified: May 8, 2019

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