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Business trips are always a good way to experience new countries, try new foods and meet new people. My trip to Greece between the 5th and the 15th of June was my first time in the Hellenic Republic. I must say that it was an experience I will never forget. I was always on the move across the country travelling by bus, train, plane, car and ferries. Although travelling around, I was never away from luggage and laptop. As I’ve seen enough places in Greece, I wanted to share with you a few tips on what to do and where to go, in case you go to the cities I visited.

Where to go?


The great and magical capital of Greece with a mixture of history, with the Parthenon and great nightlife, has a touch of everything. From a small bar with traditional food to a big Hard Rock Cafe, there are many options to choose from. In case you would like to enjoy not only traditional Greece but also the modernized part of it, I would suggest you visit Athens. Be aware of the many strikes happening these days cause they could influence your plans or mood in some way. Always be prepared for any of these situations.


The second largest city in Greece has an important piece of history to offer. The White Tower right by the seaside has many small cafés on top for you to visit. They would provide you great views of the gulf. It is a very active and energetic student city. With many activities and events happening and with great food specialities, it will give you the possibility to experience Greece at its best.


Getting to Patras from Athens is easily done by bus (it is also cheap). From Thessaloniki, going by bus is also possible, but it might not be a good option for people with motion sickness (the road has many turns). However, this road trip provides you with amazing views and landscapes, where I am sure you will take unforgettable pictures. Patras has the biggest suspended bridge in the world called Rion-Antirion and it is definitely worth visiting.


This Island is famous for its great beaches. That is why it is the most visited island of the Ionian Sea. Navagio beach is one of the best ones to visit, with spectacular views. This is a long, wild and semi-rocky beach, perfect for you to go with your beloved ones to spend good relaxing times. This island suffered many earthquakes in the past: it has as much interesting as it has frightening.


From Zakynthos, it is possible to go Kefalonia with a small boat. Keep in mind that is important to have everything planned ahead, or to be able to speak Greek, as it might get a bit difficult to get information. It is a very family oriented island, with most of its beaches in the Ionian sea. In case you have children, they would certainly enjoy the cute family environment.


Rhodes can be reached by plane mostly from Athens (the airport is very small) and by boat from the surrounding islands. The old town is perfectly preserved. The uniqueness of its buildings contrasting with the souvenirs shops all over town is fun to look at. You can visit the castle as well, for a small entrance fee.


Kos is the second most populated Island of the Dodecanese Archipelago. It has a 14th-century fortress at the entrance to its harbour, and another one from the Byzantine period in Antimachia. After Rhodes, this is another great island, famous for its beaches and sponges. A couple of days are enough to see it all.


Santorini is one of the most famous Greek islands. The amazing volcano on the island provides amazing views, that has a special and romantic touch during sunset. The capital is quite hectic. You won’t have problems finding rental cars or scooters, as a well as nice typical restaurants. The most known beach on the island is the black-sand beach, that attracts many tourists during the summer. Funny enough, their airport is the smallest I have ever seen in my life. I recommend you to go at least 2 and a half hours before the departure, to make sure you won’t miss your flight. Trust me, it takes a bit of time to get to the boarding gate.

Eurosender launching in Greece

Enjoy your trip to Greece!

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