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“To await a pleasure is itself a pleasure”. But what if that pleasure is, at the moment, inside a box ready to be delivered at your place? Everyone hates waiting for packages: all day long you refresh multiple times the tracking page of the order, check from the window if any truck is parking in front of your place and wait for the courier in front of the door. If you ever wonder how you can stay patient or make time go faster in those situations, here you can find a list of things to do while waiting.

What to do when you are waiting for a package?

Most of the times, courier companies give you a broad time window (usually between 9h and 18h), during which they could come to pick up or deliver your parcel. It’s not easy to be available at home for that whole time, mainly because of worktime schedules or another kind of appointments. Even though there are many things you can do to make time go faster when waiting for a package delivery, don’t forget that you have also other solutions to this problem. Sure, you can always consider the possibility of hiring someone to wait for the delivery at you place, but are you sure this is the best solution?

Use a different address

Providing an alternative location for the pickup or delivery of your package is an easy solution for the boring situation of waiting at home for your delivery.

  • Ship the packages to your workplace – One of the possible solutions is sending your personal delivery to your work address. This way you will avoid asking your boss if you could take the day off in order to wait for the courier at home the whole day. Plus, you can immediately check if the shipment will arrive with no problems. What is better than waiting for the package to come right where you are? You will not need to worry about anything.
  • Shipping to a hotel – If you are travelling for holidays or for a business trip, you could ship your luggage from or to the hotel, in order to avoid carrying too much weight with you. The reception can collect or hand over the luggage for you. Follow this guide to avoid any possible mistake.
  • Use a parcel collection or drop off pointParcel shops, or drop off points, are specific locations where some delivery companies store their packages. They can be used both for pick-up and delivery and it’s a great solution to save time for the customer. Of course, the main comfort of ordering goods on Amazon is that you can receive them at home. However, having the chance to pick them up in a close location at any hour of the day has its advantages as you won’t have to wait for the courier at home all day long.
  • Ship to the address of a friend or relative – If you can’t be at the delivery address all day long, you can ask a friend or relative to be at your place waiting for the courier. If you have friends or relatives already retired or at home for any other reason, why not asking them this favour? The easiest way to do this is to write directly their own name and address for the delivery or the pick-up. This way you will avoid having to ask them to go to your place only to wait for the delivery. Plus, you will have a good excuse to visit your grandmother or your friend.

Waiting the courier at home

In case you are already at home waiting for your package or you can’t change the address details in the order, below you can find some tips to wait patiently.

  • Read a book – You wonder how to make time go faster if you are home waiting for the courier to show up? You can enter in an adventure without leaving your own chair. Read about the adventures of your favourite hero or just the latest book by your favourite author. If you focus your mind on this, you will be sure that the time you will spend waiting for the delivery will not be wasted.
  • Watch a movie or a TV show – You still haven’t watched the second season of Stranger Things or the last episode of Game of Thrones? Waiting for the courier can give you the chance to do that. You can also choose to watch last year Oscar-winning movies or anything else you would like. Just turn on your laptop or your TV and enjoy.
  • Catch up with your chores – A way to make time go faster and do something useful can be tidying up your own apartment. You can use your time while you are at home waiting for a package to clean the house or do some chores. Pay attention not to make too much noise or you will not hear the courier ringing at your door.
  • Do yoga or exercise – Last tip on what to do while waiting for a package is good for your health and helps you to keep calm and be patient: do yoga. This activity is getting more and more popular all over the world and it’s a good and simple way to keep your body and your mind in good health. Since waiting for a long time can lead some people to stress too much, why don’t you try yoga to kill time? If you don’t know anything about yoga or you don’t like it, you can also do other things: for example, exercise or weight-lifting.

The joy of receiving your package.

At the end, the ways you can spend your time at home waiting for the courier can be never-ending. It doesn’t really matter how you chose to spend that time without getting bored. What really matters is receiving your package and enjoy whatever you ordered.

If you are planning to send something, contact us and we will be happy to help you feel that joy.

Last modified: November 28, 2019

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