Weather-Driven Delivery Delays: What Are the Sender’s Options?6 min read

The weather is a capricious lady that may sometimes cause a major change of plans both for private and for business shippers due to suspended parcel and freight distribution. In some countries, the logistics sector tends to be particularly weather-dependent. It often results in weather-driven delivery delays.

Parcel or cargo delivery delayed or cancelled because of the weather: why it happens?

Whether you are sending small parcels or pallets, both domestically and internationally, you should always keep in mind that force majeure circumstances sometimes occur. Fogs, heavy rains, snowstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, floods or other natural phenomena can affect all kinds of shipments: from standard ones to freight transport.

  • In the case of sea transport of goods, adverse weather conditions may lead to vessels failing to arrive at intermediate ports on schedule;
  • Air transport is particularly prone to shipping disruptions due to any kind of storms (nasty weather is the reason behind almost 70 per cent of cancelled flights);
  • Icy driving conditions and heavy snowfalls are a serious challenge to road transport;
  • Floods, fog and heat may seriously hamper rail goods transportation.

Thus, the transport sector overall is heavily dependent on external factors. All the above-mentioned reasons may lead to shipping suspended due to adverse weather conditions.

Shipping delayed because of weather: FAQ

Have you been notified that your shipping has been delayed or even cancelled because of bad weather? Now you must be wondering how much time it will take to solve this issue and what can be done in this situation.

  1. Is there any insurance coverage for the parcels damaged due to inclement weather?

It depends on the courier company in charge of your shipment, as well as on the contents of the package. For example, if you are shipping goods with Eurosender, each standard parcel is automatically covered up to 200 EUR, and the freight is covered by the CMR insurance. There are also multiple additional insurance formulas both for standard packages and for freight. The insurance doesn’t apply to fragile packages and the ones containing restricted and forbidden items. You should check the insurance options before placing your shipping order.

  1. My standard parcel shipping has been delayed because of weather, but I cannot receive the package on another day. What to do?

So, you have been contacted by the courier company representatives and notified of the fact that your shipping has been suspended due to adverse weather conditions. The company’s employees have provided you with a renewed estimated delivery time and tried to reschedule the delivery of your order for another day, but have not managed find a date convenient to you. Several options are possible in this case:

  • The recipient cannot be present at the delivery address on the other day;

In such cases, the courier company may suggest changing the delivery address or leaving the package at a certain parcel shop upon the client’s request. You can also ask your roommate, concierge or neighbours to receive your shipment for you.

  • The client refuses to receive the parcel on another day;

If changing the delivery address or choosing a parcel shop is not an option, many customers ask the couriers to leave the parcel in a place, which seems safe to them, for example, outside the front door or in the back porch. However, the courier drivers must always make sure that someone puts a signature upon receipt. That is why the best-case scenario would be to ask your friends, relatives or neighbours to receive the parcel for you.

  • The client cannot be reached by e-mail or by phone;

The parcel will be stored at the courier’s depot for 5 to 10 working days and then it will be returned to sender.

  1. I am waiting for the courier to come, but the weather is stormy, and I am are unsure whether the pick-up or delivery will take place. How can check this?

We suggest checking the status of your order in the tracking system. The couriers tend to inform their clients about possible delivery disruptions on their website even before the situation gets out of control. If you do not see any updates in the tracking system and on the courier’s website, we recommend contacting your logistics service provider directly to get as much information as possible.

  1. My parcel has been damaged during transit as a result of adverse weather. What should I do?

Even though the courier companies do their best to ensure that their clients’ packages and freight are kept safe and not exposed to the inclement external environment, sometimes bad weather results in parcel damages. That is why we always recommend our clients to check the parcel or the pallet contents in the driver’s presence. You can find a detailed explanation of such cases in our dedicated blog article. If you have booked your shipping through our platform, we recommend contacting our customer support team for more advice.


  1. My freight shipping has been delayed because of the weather. What should I do?

If the transportation company’s employees have not called you yet to make the necessary delivery arrangements, you can contact their customer service to get renewed information regarding the possible delivery date and choose the option convenient for you. Meanwhile, your freight shipment will be stored at the courier’s nearest depot.

  1. My shipping has been delayed because of the weather. In a few days, an unusual status appeared in the tracking system. Could my parcel get lost?

In some cases, adverse external conditions may lead to misdelivered or even lost packages, as the courier services have to manage a heavy workload and operate in a chaotic environment once the extreme natural event comes to an end. If this scenario materializes, you may find useful our blog articles dedicated to these problems.

  1. The courier company refers to weather-driven delivery delays, but the weather seems fine. How is that possible?

Every shipment has a collection and a destination point. On its way from point A to point B there may also be one or several stops at intermediate locations (these are usually the logistics provider’s depots). Weather-driven delivery delays may occur at any of the above-mentioned points, especially when it comes to international shipments. The route selection depends on multiple criteria, and the shippers are not always aware of their parcel’s actual geo-location. Even if you enjoy perfect weather at the parcel collection or destination points, no one can guarantee that it is the same at every point of your shipment’s transit map.

  1. Are weather-driven delivery delays inevitable?

Of course, the courier services always do their best to ensure a timely package delivery. They never interrupt their workflow or suspend the delivery process unless it is absolutely necessary. Be patient, remember that this situation is beyond any company’s control and all other senders and recipients in your country, town or village experience the same difficulties.

Hopefully, bad weather conditions do not last forever and there is always sunshine after the rain.

If your shipping booked with Eurosender has been suspended due to adverse weather conditions, our logistics experts will do their best to help you and solve this issue within the shortest possible period.

Here at Eurosender, we are committed to having all our customer’s packages delivered on time and will represent you in all the matters related to your shipment. We work only with reputable courier companies worldwide that are dedicated to our mission of providing high-quality services to our clients.