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While you have just clicked on the “Order” button at the bottom right of your screen, you feel a feeling of fullness. You are reassured. All you have to do now is pack your package and wait for the delivery person to arrive. It’s almost too easy…

However, in a digital age, your expectations are always more demanding and our solutions are always more personalized. The challenge is enormous. In this article, we inform you about your potential expectations, and the answers Eurosender can provide you in the shipping market.

The 3 steps for a successful delivery

In the customer’s mind, the quality of delivery is usually reflected in 3 major expectations:

The price

There is no need to explain this point further. Unless you find a better service or have found a salesman as good as Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street, you will always prefer the lowest price.

That is why, at Eurosender, our algorithm chooses the best offer in terms of quality/price ratio. For any request for a quote or price verification, we invite you to check it out on our website. I promise it doesn’t cost anything.

The delivery time

This requirement is especially crucial at the end of the year. Indeed, it is difficult to explain to the children that the gift has not yet arrived because Santa Claus arrived late. To meet this need, we are developing a new service, called Same day courier service. This service is already available for business users located in:

  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Croatia
  • Romania
  • Slovenia

This service secures your package pick-up the very same day you place an order.

When the courier service providers receive an order for the same day pick-up, they need to reschedule the drivers’ route. Therefore, it is better to place the order in our booking engine as soon as possible, meaning not later than 1 pm.

As we speak, we are working to expand these benefits for individuals. Stay tuned.

The follow-up

Be informed at each step of the process, track your packages easily. This is probably the element that interests European e-consumers the most in the shipping market. Indeed, 93% of Germans, 91% of French and 90% of Italians are keen to keep an eye on their orders.

With such uniformity, Eurosender has decided to apply the same principle. On the day of collection, you will receive a tracking number, by email, to ensure that delivery continues normally. With the tracking number, you will be able to track your package and follow it on its route.

A keyword: flexibility

People tend to choose more and more places for delivery. Home delivery remains the number one solution, followed by the use of collection points. Again, there are differences between countries. Italians, for example, are more enthusiastic about their packages being delivered directly to their workplace (25%) than French people (17%).

You have probably already found yourself in the situation where you have to wait for the delivery person to pick up your package, without really knowing the exact time of its arrival. So, we come to another requirement: To have a more restricted time slot.

This service is not yet in place at Eurosender. However, in some cases, we can help you get a narrower timeframe by providing you with the courier phone number. To do this, there is only one solution: Contact us directly.

Your expectations for the future

It is hard not to fantasize about a pictured future, where your parcels will be delivered by drone, or that a robot like C3PO will come and drop them off directly on your doormat. However, it is more likely that the shipping market will increasingly adapt to your needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of possible changes over the next few years:

  • Be aware of the precise geolocation of your package
  • Know the exact delivery schedule
  • For business users: delivery in 2 hours
  • Evening delivery
  • Weekend delivery

While the future is still not here, you can still use Eurosender services now!

Last modified: July 10, 2019

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