What an Erasmus Experience Gives You Other Than a Degree?

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4 years ago7 min read

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Some of you wish for an Erasmus experience, wanting to travel or to live on your own, but when Erasmus ends, you have gained more than a degree and travel experience.

Most students crave for an Erasmus Student Exchange. Many want to experience traveling around Europe on their own and enjoy their freedom. However, Erasmus changes you as a person and makes you grow more than you might think. You learn things about yourself that you never knew existed. An Erasmus experience is bound to leave a positive impact on you somehow and today we share a list of things we think an Erasmus experience would teach you:

1. How to live in a multicultural environment

Whether it is something you have always wanted to learn or something you are a tiny bit scared of, your Erasmus experience will make you appreciate different cultures thoroughly. You will meet people from all around the world and you will be introduced to many different cultures. You will be exposed to other cultures, and you will have moments of self-realization towards your own culture.

What an Erasmus Experience Gives You Other Than a Degree?

2. How to be independent and on your own

This is the number one takeaway from an Erasmus experience. If you have never been in such a situation before, now is the time to get out there and make things happen. Things will not be served on a platter anymore (assuming it was before). You will learn how to get out there to make friends, how to manage work and fun and so on.

3. Answer to what is your personality

An important one that hardly ever gets mentioned. By trying out multiple things as part of your Erasmus experience, you will get to learn a lot about yourself, what you love, what you hate, what you can put up with and what calms you down. For example, some will realize that traveling to new places is all they have always wanted, while some will realize that traveling is one of the least fun activities for them.

What an Erasmus Experience Gives You Other Than a Degree?

4. How to be positive in life

It is not just another cliché. Let us explain: When you are surrounded by your loved ones and your comfort zone, you end up cribbing about small botherations. However, when you are on your own and surrounded by new friends, the sense of independence will prevail, you will feel more accountable to yourself for staying positive in life and working towards improving things without cribbing.

What an Erasmus Experience Gives You Other Than a Degree?

5. How to survive any situation

Of course, we really hope you do not land up in any tough situation. An Erasmus experience will teach you how to manage things on your own, giving you, in turn, the confidence to handle tough situations.

What an Erasmus Experience Gives You Other Than a Degree?

6. Maybe a new language!

You might or might not be required to learn the local language, as most Erasmus courses are in English. However, you may be tempted to learn it to know the place and culture closely. Learning a new language is always a good idea. An Erasmus experience is just the perfect time to do it, as you will have people you can practice your language skills with.

What an Erasmus Experience Gives You Other Than a Degree?

7. Mobility

Going for a short-term Erasmus experience will make you learn how to stay mobile for your own good. You will learn the art of minimalism, appreciating what you love and taking it along with you. You will also learn how to be good at being mobile without creating an uncomfortable situation for you, physically or mentally.

Due to having an international team and working with so many students, we have learned to appreciate all these things ourselves. We know a move or exchange is not always easy, but at least we can help during your Erasmus experience by shipping your things to your new destination. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any Erasmus questions or even general travel advice too.

Last modified:August 07, 2019

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