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Oh no, the courier has the wrong package. How could this happen? Maybe you had more than one parcel ready to send and your confusion led to you giving the wrong parcel to the courier. Or what if your friend left his parcel at the same reception as you and the courier has taken them both. At Eurosender, we always do our best to assist our customers. Therefore we have written down the best solutions on how to handle the situation if the courier has the wrong package, based on the cases from our customers service department.

How can I reroute my package?

It can happen that the courier is able to reroute the parcel if it is still in transit. Local depots will sort your parcel, usually mechanically. The number of depots it will pass through depends on the length of the route. In some cases, the courier can arrange that one of their depots holds your parcel to change its destination.

To arrange rerouting, contact the courier provider as soon as you notice the courier has the wrong package. Try to be as clear as possible to the courier when you explain the situation. Then kindly ask them if they can arrange to reroute your parcel. Then make sure you provide them with the full address to which you want to reroute the parcel. If you contact them via phone, it is always best to also send them an e-mail with the full address and all necessary details. This is to avoid any mistakes in the address.

When you are using Eurosender, our customer service team will handle all contact with the courier regarding the rerouting. You will just need to let us know that you would like to reroute your parcel and then e-mail us the full address and all delivery details. Eurosender will then contact the courier and provide them with the necessary details. More information about how to reroute your parcel, you can read this article.

Will I have to pay extra?

Surcharges will most likely apply. This can be either to reroute or to return your package. The reason you will have to bear these extra costs is as follows. When the driver comes to collect your parcel, the sender is responsible for handing over the package to the courier. Hence, the courier takes the parcel that is given to him or left for him to collect. When the courier ends up with the wrong package it is due to misunderstanding for which the sender is liable.

This means that a driver can unintentionally collect more packages than he is supposed to pick-up, if the sender hands these packages over. We do not, in any case, advise you to hand over more parcels than agreed during the order process. If you hand over more packages than you ordered, the courier may return the packages at a later time for an extra charge.

What if the package reaches the destination and the receiver doesn’t want to give it back?

The receiver of any package that is delivered by mistake, should not keep the package regardless of the situation. Instead, the receivers should contact the courier company to notify them of the situation. The receiver has no right to keep a parcel that is send to him by mistake.

In the rare occasion that the receiver does not want to give the parcel back, the courier company considers the package “lost”. The sender then has the possibility to open a claim with the courier provider. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the sender will be compensated for the “loss”. This is because it is still the sender’s responsibility to hand over the correct package to the driver. Read more about your rights when your parcel is lost.

This courier has the wrong package in his vehicle

What if the wrong courier picked up my parcel?

Imagine you have multiple packages for collection. Most probably different couriers will collect these packages, meaning there is an increased chance of making a mistake. In this case it is important to make sure you check the email and order confirmation per parcel to see which courier will pick up the goods and arrange your packages accordingly. You can use sticky notes to write down the name of the courier per shipment, use colored sticky notes, or numbers to differentiate.

If the courier has to pick-up an unattended package, make sure you put a note that clearly states that this parcel is for the courier. You could include the name of the courier company. If different couriers come to collect, it is best to avoid putting the parcels next to each other. This is to avoid that the courier has the wrong package.

It is always best to place a paper inside the package will all the details inside. In the case that someone else receives your package, they would know where to return it to. The depots sort the packages based on their postcode, which makes it the most important part of the address.

How can Eurosender help when the courier has the wrong package?

If you order your shipment via Eurosender, you can rest assured that our shipping experts will assist you in case the courier has the wrong package. Eurosender will contact the courier on your behalf and will advise you on the possibilities.

Are you looking for what to do when you receive a package that was mistakenly send to you? Read the following article on what to do when you receive a misdelivered package.

Last modified: June 22, 2018

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