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What does expedited shipping mean? “Expedited” means delivered more quickly. This does not mean it is the fastest option, it can be just an upgrade for the basic sending options. Also, it is a good marketing move: please, read carefully the conditions and terms of shipment when you buy something online. As the customer always wants his or her delivery to be shipped in the shortest time possible, the expedited shipping sounds like a suitable option. Let’s see what it really is and what service do you buy when you book the expedited delivery.

Companies that offer expedited shipping and its costs

  • At the official webpage of the Amazon.co.uk, the delivery time for expedited delivery can vary between 1-3 days and is available only to the addresses within the UK. The delivery can be carried out by various carriers, the proof of delivery may be needed upon delivery. That type of delivery is not performed on Sundays and Bank Holidays and is free for Amazon Prime members and Amazon UK expedited delivery cost is for all other customers £5.49. It differs from other services like Same-day delivery, One-day delivery, Two-day delivery, Express delivery, and Priority delivery.
  • As for the eBay expedited shipping, the “expedited” means fast delivery, but not as fast as Express delivery. However, it is faster than the Standard or Economy.
  • USPS calls it “Priority Mail” and the international prices vary depending on whether it is a flat rate or standard. The standard price starts from $44.50 for an envelope and for the flat rate you pay depending on the country of destination. USPS worldwide expedited delivery time varies, but mostly the delivery is made within 3-5 business days or 6-10 business days for the parcels. Small parcel delivery from the United States to the UK with flat rate costs $36.70.

Who needs expedited delivery

International expedited mail delivery is a service created mostly for individuals who want to receive their shipment faster than by ordinary mail. In most cases, it is used when you order something online and want it to be shipped to your door. Many online businesses have expedited shipping, as you can see in the list above. If you want to ship freight, you can read about freight deliveries here.

What Eurosender can offer you

When shipping your items through Eurosender, the estimated delivery time depends on the country of pick-up and country of delivery. In general, it takes up to 5 business days for the parcels to arrive. However, it might be faster: in some countries, like Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Romania or Slovenia, the same day pick-up is available with the same day courier service. Book shipment with us and receive your quote for faster and smoother delivery!

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