What to expect: do couriers bring boxes for packing?

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When you want to send any of your possessions or any item, be it internationally or domestically, how do you prepare your shipment is key to successful delivery. You want to make sure your items arrive safely to their destination, so you have read our guide to properly prepare a shipment and you are ready to DIY your way into success with our guide on packing materials when you ask yourself…Wouldn’t it be nice if the courier company took care of this? Does the courier company provide packaging? Wait…what if they do while I’m here battling packing peanuts and adhesive tape in the middle of my living room? If any of this situation sounds familiar, then this is the blog post for you.

Do couriers pack the items?

Sorry to rain on your parade but the short answer is no, they don’t. Standard shipping services do not include the courier bringing boxes for packing, or any type of aid, for that matter. They tend to prioritize speed and normally must pick up many other packages in the same shift. Furthermore, if they consider that your package is not properly packed they may not take it, as an improper box or a faulty package is one of the causes shipments can get returned to senders.

When the shipment is not standard or the package falls into an especial category, some courier companies (albeit not all of them) may provide packing services. Normally this service is purchased as an extra and has to be specifically requested and paid for beforehand.

Do they provide packaging materials?

Normally you can find packaging materials in hardware stores, but it is very common for courier companies to sell their own packaging material in their physical stores. These are tailor-made for shipping and would be adequate for all the other shipping companies, regardless of which one you choose to be responsible for your shipment. Nevertheless, you must check the webpages of courier companies and make sure that any type of material you already have or plan you buy follows their standards. For example, many courier companies will have a specific weight, size and sturdiness measures for the boxes they may ship, as well as the size and type of adhesive tape to close the boxes. Choosing any different materials may be a problem if you want to claim the case of damage.

Are there any dedicated services for packing the items as well?

It depends on the courier service and the items you want to ship Some courier companies have packing services, where a group of professionals will pack and prepare your shipment and handle it with care. You may want to choose this service if the shipment includes precious or valuable items such as antiquities or art objects. Book this service with enough time before the package must be shipped and be sure you have chosen the best option for your particular objects.

Eurosender van delivery
Eurosender offers a van delivery service. You can choose the book a van that will be solely used to transport your shipment. With our van delivery service, you can send your belongings anywhere. Booking a van delivery means that you will not have to pack your items, but simply load them in the van. Please note that this is an easy and fast way to load all your items without packaging complications. However, you still must make sure everything is secured and properly loaded.

Does the courier company repack the items in case the package gets damaged during the transit?

If you haven’t hired a specific service for them to do so, no. They will try to handle your package effectively for it to arrive fast and safe to its destination, but generally, once the package leaves your hands the packaging stays the same until it arrives. When a package is damaged or the items are lost during the transportation process, the courier company won’t usually be responsible.

If the package gets loose during the transit, does the courier company apply extra tape or any other material to make the package sturdy again?

Sometimes a courier service may line a package if they think it can be damaged or damage any other packages around it. However, and always, generally speaking, they won’t. Only in the case where the lining is not much of a struggle and it is absolutely necessary, they would do so.

Generally speaking, you should not expect a courier to bring boxes for packing or any other materials. You should carefully read the packing guidelines of courier companies. In the case that you need the courier company to pack your package, you must hire the service separately and make sure your shipment follows all the company’s guidelines.

Last modified:November 20, 2019

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