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Smooth shipping of almost anything up to 4000 kg. Our experts will advise you on how to book, pack and measure your shipment.

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import requests 
url = ""

payload = {
"userCountryId": 103,
"pickupCountryId": 191,
"deliveryCountryId": 81,
"pickupZip": "1000",
"deliveryZip": "10117",
"parcels": [
      "groupId": "5f33d224-8a22-488f-85f3-029ba610ccd5",
      "weight": 20,
      "width": 22,
      "height": 55,
      "length": 60,
      "value": 100,
     "content": "item 1",
     "type": "package",
      "meta": {

      "groupId": "16005e78-0841-467c-b766-373853c5710c",
      "weight": 20,
      "width": 22,
      "height": 55,
      "length": 60,
      "value": 100,
      "content": "item 2",
      "type": "package",
      "meta": {
        "customDimensions": True
"accountType": "company",
"currencyCode": "EUR",
"insuranceId": None,
"couponCode": "AAA-01APBV",
"paymentMethod": "credit_card",
"selectedServiceTypeId": 1,
"addOns": ["flexibleChanges"]

response =, json=payload)

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