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Logistics network

Eurosender is a simple web engine that allows you to order high quality door-to-door shipping services in Europe. We specialise in shipments from 2 kg to 4.000 kg and we offer access to a wide array of shipping services, from less than truckload transport (LTL) to full than truckload transport (FTL) and containers. Therefore, on our platform, anyone can book the service for shipping packages, suitcases and organise a freight transport in Europe.

Eurosender was created to tackle the gaps in the logistics industry. Eurosender’s logistics network comprises only the world’s largest and most respected logistics companies. We use and combine the capabilities of different logistics service providers and in this way, we are able to serve wider areas and offer a wider array of shipping services.

We are able to reduce the impact of any operational problems of the service providers. When one of the logistics providers cannot temporarily offer a desired service we are able to react and find an immediate solution by shifting to another provider. In this way, the service that the customer receives will not be affected.

Both logistics providers and customers benefit from the solution that Eurosender offers. On one hand, clients benefit from a simplified ordering process and instant pricing for domestic and international shipping services. On the other hand, Eurosender brings a constant added volume for the logistics providers, helping them minimise the costs by reducing the transportation they perform with partially loaded trucks.

We offer our services on almost any routes in Europe

Here is a sample of some of the available routes: