Coronavirus update – no major impact on shipping

In response to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have put together a few recommendations regarding shipping. Read all the details here.

We would like to reassure customers that, currently, our logistics partners can still provide all types of shipping services in all regions. If you are not certain about shipping from or to a specific region, please contact us at +44 20 3129 2884.

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Order transferred to the logistics provider based on their cost-effectiveness & reliability for your chosen route.
Logistics provider delivers door-to-door. Available tracking tools for the latest shipment status.

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2 days ago

The second time I have been sending…

The second time I have been sending something through Eurosender. This time a box, actually 2, instead of suitcases. They took it on Monday and it arrived at its destination on Wednesday. We are really content and happy to be able to send our stuff like this, since we´re moving back and not everything will fit our car. A good company, easy to use and very quick. Would definitely recommend.

by Lisanne

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2 days ago

Bojan Shlakeski

Bojan was very determined to help. He was very kind and patient;)

by Alicja

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2 days ago

Easy booking!

Easy booking!

by Shivoo Ltd

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