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Some logistics challenges can only be resolved with a flexible and innovative approach. This is what Eurosender is all about. We provide a wide range of specialist logistics services to cater to your specific industry and business requirements. By combining the efficiency of instant pricing and the creativity of the human touch, we are able to tailor shipping solutions for your needs.

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Requesting a quote for special freight services

If you need a specialised logistics solution that goes beyond what our standard services can offer, you will need to request a custom offer by following these steps:


Fill out the form to request a tailored shipping quote


Provide your shipping requirements with as many details as possible


We will email you back with a custom quote within 15 minutes


Once you are satisfied with the offer, complete the payment


Quotes for special freight transport with total transparency

We will always provide a final transport quote for whichever service you book at Eurosender. After checking out, you can rest assured there will be no hidden costs or fees.

Send our specialists all your specialised logistics requirements, and they will contact several providers to find the best solution for you. Requesting a custom quote is entirely free of charge, and we will send our best offer to you via email.


Our specialised logistics solutions

We offer various specialised freight and logistics services to fulfil different shipment and industry requirements. See below some of our premium options.

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Running late? Book special freight services on-demand

At Eurosender, we are specialists in ad-hoc logistics solutions. For the times when your shipping requirements cannot be fulfilled through your regular logistics channels, you can count on us to solve them for you. We work with a network of over 3,500+ van drivers and 100+ courier companies to ensure we are equipped to respond to urgent needs for specialist logistics services.

We will tailor a shipping solution for you in only 15 minutes!


Dealing with customs during special freight transport

If you will be organising an international shipping service, getting familiar with the applicable customs procedures is something that should be on your radar. At Eurosender, we are able to organise specialised logistics solutions via road transport throughout Europe, provided that the shipper prepares the documents required for customs. See the articles below for more information on this topic:

Special freight solutions for businesses

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FAQ – Booking special logistics services with Eurosender

Which transportation services can be used on specialised logistics requests?
At Eurosender, we are able to organise uni- or multi-modal shipping services, including all modes of transport:
What goods usually require special logistics solutions?
Any shipment that has unique requirements will be served by our special freight services. Some of the most common examples are shipments with particular industry specifications, such as just-in-time services for the automotive sector or urgent requests that require short response times served by our emergency courier services.
Regardless of your shipping requirement, you can always reach out to our experts and request a fully customised logistics solution.
Is it possible to arrange a tailored shipping solution for the same day?
Yes, through our Van Delivery Service, we are able to provide same-day specialised freight services in Europe. Collections can be arranged in up to 3 hours in most European countries during regular working days.
In which countries does Eurosender offer specialised freight services?
At Eurosender, we operate globally through our vast network of logistics partners. However, our specialist logistics services are subject to availability.
At the moment, our biggest focus is to provide special road freight services throughout Europe to serve all business and industry needs. We will be your single point of contact for any road freight request, be it parcel, pallet, van, or truck shipments.
Do I need to have an account to place a request for special logistics services?
No, not at all. You can place a request for custom-made logistics solutions as a guest; all we need from you is your contact information so we can get back to you with the quote details.
That being said, registered users have access to additional features, including a dedicated account manager. Set up your business account to unlock all the additional benefits instantly.