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Move heavy cargo seamlessly with our tail lift delivery service. Keeping high quality and safety standards is our priority, which is why we partner with tail lift van and truck couriers to simplify the processes of loading and unloading. You can request a courier with a tail lift when booking the pallet, van, or truck delivery.

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When do you need a tail lift delivery service?

The tail lift delivery service is the best alternative if you do not have access to a forklift or an appropriate loading dock to place your shipment in the truck or van. Lifting cargo from the ground isn’t safe or practical and may also lead to additional damage to the goods.

  • Heavy pallets
  • Large shipments
  • Fragile loads
  • Cargo that is special in any other way

Services with tail lift delivery available

At Eurosender, you can order a courier with a tail lift when booking the following shipping services:
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How does a tail lift pallet delivery work?

When shipping with any of the services above, you can request a courier with a tail lift. We will then arrange this additional feature directly with the carrier assigned to your order.

Please bear in mind that a tail lift is considered an add-on to your pallet delivery, which means it will come at a small additional fee.

Advantages of the tail lift delivery service

Booking a truck or van delivery with a tail lift makes your shipping service more efficient and safer. Here are the main advantages of choosing a tail lift pallet delivery:

Faster loading and unloading

Instead of carrying each item individually to the vehicle, the van with a tail lift allows you to load the entire palletised shipment faster and more effectively.

Increased safety

Oftentimes, when the client does not have the proper structure for unloading the pallet, the solution would be to strip it down and carry the boxes separately, leading to a higher risk of damage. With a tail lift delivery, your pallets are safely loaded into the truck.

Reduced injury risk

The tail lift is an automated tool which removes the risk of injury to the drivers and the warehouse staff that would instead be carrying the goods themselves.

Saves money

One of the main reasons for failed collection when booking a freight service is the lack of appropriate loading and unloading equipment at the collection site. If you book a truck or van service but do not have the proper conditions to load the goods onto the vehicle, the carrier will still charge the failed delivery. Instead, you can avoid this issue by hiring a van with a tail lift.

Tail lift deliveries for businesses

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Shipping with small vans with tail lift

One of our most popular shipping solutions for businesses is the delivery service with a small van with a tail lift. Since the Van Delivery Service doesn’t have strict packaging restrictions, it provides the highest degree of flexibility, accommodating goods of almost industry requirements.

See below the capacity of our tail lift van delivery:

  • Vehicle type: Curtain-side van
  • Max weight: 700 kg
  • Max size: 410 x 210 x 230 cm or 19 cubic meters


Tail lift courier delivery service in Europe

Book tail lift courier services in any European country for local and international deliveries. We work with a vast network of over +3,500 drivers and van companies to ensure fast pick-up wherever you may be. Our network is spread throughout Europe to provide same-day collection and effective tail lift pallet delivery for your business.

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FAQ – Tail lift courier services with Eurosender

What is the weight limit when booking the tail lift delivery service?
It depends on the transport service you select. Our most used tail lift delivery service is curtain-side van transport, which allows loads of up to 700 kg.
If you need to move heavier or larger loads, please fill out this form, and we will prepare a custom solution for you.
Will the courier load the goods in the van or truck?
No, loading and unloading the cargo onto the truck is the shipper’s responsibility. This means businesses should have a forklift or loading dock on both the collection and delivery sites to handle their shipments.
However, you can request loading assistance or additional equipment if you do not have the appropriate equipment to load your pallets. Please make this request during the booking process, so we can arrange everything you need for the tail lift delivery in advance.
What are the packaging requirements for booking a courier with a tail lift?
It depends on the service you book. When booking a groupage pallet delivery, you will be required to pack your goods into pallets. Read more about how to pack and load your pallets.
When booking a van courier with a tail lift, you do not have any specific packaging requirements to follow. You will be able to accommodate the shipment in the vehicle as you see fit. However, we still recommend protecting the items for transport with bubble wrap or moving blankets to ensure they stay safe during transit.
Who operates the tail lift in the van?
The tail lift is operated solely by the qualified courier driver, who specialises in handling this type of equipment. The shipper will be responsible for carrying the goods onto and off the tail lift.
How many pallets can I ship with the van delivery service?
If you book the small van delivery with a tail lift, you will be able to fit up to 8 pallets in the vehicle at once. If you need to transport a bigger number of pallets, you can either book additional vans or contact our specialists, so we can prepare an offer tailored to your load.