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Eurosender is a recognized digital platform for booking logistics services in Europe. We offer access to a wide range of services, from parcel shipping to pallet shipping and freight transport.

Our digital platform for postal, courier and freight forwarding services, offers our customers with more than 11 M instant quotes for all the routes in Europe and all types of services. We act as a bulk buyer and thanks to the high volume of orders we receive from businesses and end-consumers, we are able to optimise our relations with logistics service providers and negotiate lower prices with them. This saves our customers time and money.

We can offer you low prices in comparison to other parcel and freight shipping service providers in Europe. We only choose the option with the best price-to-performance ratio, so we’re never sacrificing the quality of the transportation services.

We’ve made the booking of shipping services a process which is simple and transparent and we give customers the advantage of instant prices.

Shipping costs – pricing based on the most affordable option & courier performance

For any route in Europe, our algorithm will select the best price-to-performance ratio. This means that, depending on the route and the specifications of the package, the system will select the most reliable logistics company offering a shipping service at the cheapest price.

We work only with top international logistics companies that ensure the highest quality of services, provide the best storage facilities and possess the best tracking systems for tracking your package.

Insurance – basic insurance included and additional ones at affordable prices

We’re able to offer some of the lowest prices for package insurance through our cooperation with ERGO. We offer a basic insurance of up to 200 EUR for every package, without any extra costs. The insurance is included in the price of the shipping service.

Additional insurance packages of up to 2.000 EUR are available at reduced costs.

Not sure what is the most suitable insurance for your shipment? Get in touch with us and we will assist you.

Shipping internationally and domestically

Through Eurosender, you can instantly receive an international shipping quote for almost any destination in Europe. We provide access to some of the cheapest shipping rates for both parcel shipping and freight transport, domestically and internationally.

We do everything for you

If you are looking to send a parcel on the cheap, our agents can help you in finding the best solution. Booking through Eurosender means you save on the time you’d have spent looking for the best offer on the market and on the money you’d have spent through approaching couriers directly. We act on your behalf in the interaction with the logistics company and represent your interests throughout the process from when the order is made right through to when the package hits the doormat.

Shipping services providers– collaboration based on their performance and reputation

We always take into account our customers’ feedback and with that, we’ve been optimising and improving our network and collaboration with our courier service providers. We only cooperate with reliable European parcel delivery companies and freight forwarders, those that are renowned for their quality and security of their service.

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