Shipping with Bartolini: International Courier Services

BRT courier services: parcel delivery in Italy and Europe

BRT, also known as Bartolini, is an Italian-based logistics service provider and part of the DPD Group. Find out more about Bartolini shipping services, tracking and express deliveries on our page. At Eurosender we pride ourselves on working with the best courier companies, including Bartolini. When booking your parcel delivery in Italy or internationally with us, our system instantly finds the offer with the best price-quality ratio for your route and requirements, which could be the BRT parcel shipping services.

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Bartolini shipping services and prices

As with any other shipping company, Bartolini courier prices depend on three main factors: the size and weight of your parcel, the country of destination and the selected service.

Within Italy, BRT offers a series of domestic delivery services, from envelope shipping to express deliveries and palletised cargo transport:

  • Express service: 24h deliveries with no parcel weight limit.
  • Priority service: next day delivery in 3.000 locations all over Italy.
  • 10:30 service: deliveries before 10:30 the next working day in 1.500 main towns and cities.
  • Heavy parcel service: bulk deliveries up to 100kg in many Italian towns and cities.
  • Envelopes and documents service: to ship small items or paper documents.
As Bartolini does not offer instant pricing on their website, you should request an offer directly to the company to see the price list. When booking with Eurosender our algorithm will automatically select the best courier provider, which could be BRT. Choose your preferred route on our shipping cost calculator and get instant prices for shipping anywhere in the world.

Bartolini tracking: track and trace service

Bartolini offers a track and trace service to localise your parcel while it is in transit. Each parcel has an individual BRT tracking number, even when it belongs to a multiple-item shipment. Every time your shipment arrives at a new location, the BRT tracking number gets scanned. This way, the tracking system gets updated, and you are able to get new information regarding your shipment’s location. If our system chooses BRT as the shipping company who will carry out the delivery of your shipment, you will get a BRT tracking number once the order is confirmed with the courier provider.

You will receive the tracking number in the confirmation email. To track your parcel, simply insert the BRT tracking number in the tool below. Otherwise, you can check the Bartolini website and use their tracking tool to check what is the current location of your shipment. If the status in the tracking system remains the same for more than 48 hours, we recommend you contact us. We will do anything to make sure that no problems have occurred, and we will update you shortly.


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Frequently asked questions about BRT delivery service

Does BRT have parcel lockers?
Unlike many other companies, Bartolini does not offer you the chance to ship or retrieve a parcel from a BRT parcel locker or drop-off point. However, it is possible to book a BRT delivery service from a physical office or online office within Italy. You can find BRT offices in many cities and towns in Italy. Outside of Italy, you can collect your BRT parcel from a DPD depot or pick-up point.
Can I use a BRT pick-up or depot to ship outside Italy?
If you are shipping packages with Bartolini internationally you can ship them to a DPD pick-up point, as BRT is part of the DPD group. When booking with Eurosender, even if your shipment is done with BRT, you will benefit from door-to-door delivery services. The courier will take the parcel from the origin address and deliver it to the destination.
What does the BRT status Hold at depot means?
When the BRT status of your shipment is “Hold at depot” it means that the company has tried to make a delivery, but failed. They will keep your parcel in a DPD or BRT depot or parcel shop. You can wait for BRT to arrange another delivery attempt or pick up your parcel directly at the BRT post office.
What are the Bartolini delivery days and times?
BRT standard deliveries will be made during weekdays. You can calculate the delivery time for a parcel within Italy on their webpage. If you have booked a BRT courier service with Eurosender you can use our estimated delivery tool. The delivery times for the BRT courier services vary from 2 working days for shipments between Italy and countries like Germany or France and 9 working days for Scandinavian countries.
Does the BRT shipping include insurance?
No, insurance is not included in BRT shipping services. However, the company offers some insurance options you can add to your parcel. At Eurosender we offer basic insurance included on the shipping price, even when using BRT courier services.
Does BRT offer cargo or bulk shipping services?
Yes, BRT offers cargo shipping for bigger or bulkier items. You can ship cargo on pallets worldwide.
What is Bartolini’s contact number?
When your shipment was booked through our platform, we will take over all communication with the courier on your behalf. For any query or issue, you can simply send us a message and we will gladly assist you in the best way possible. However, if you wish to contact BRT courier services personally, you can find the BRT contact number in our dedicated section. If you booked the service directly with BRT, we recommend checking their phone number directly on the company’s website.
What are the BRT restricted goods?
In general, BRT restricted goods are those that are not accepted by the company for shipping by any means of transportation. Here is a brief list of BRT restricted goods:
  • unpacked parcels;
  • boats;
  • machinery that cannot be palletised;
  • goods sent to PO boxes (discover alternative ways to send a package to PO box or parcel locker);
  • valuable and antique items (jewellery, paintings, precious stones, etc.);
  • goods that require a temperature-controlled environment;
  • lottery tickets and money;
  • goods that cannot be transported by law;
  • medical waste or materials;
  • flammable and dangerous goods.
How can I benefit from discounted shipping services with BRT?
At Eurosender we always negotiate affordable shipping rates with our logistics partners, including BRT courier services. Furthermore, we also try to provide special offers to our individual and business consumers. Set up an account on our platform and benefit from our already negotiated prices, alternative payment methods and discounts. Consider that we also collaborate with various student organisations that can provide discount codes to students who need to ship luggage to a student dormitory or back home.
Can I send a package to the UK with BRT after Brexit?
Despite of the effects that Brexit has had on the logistics world, shipping with Bartolini to the UK after Brexit is still possible. Bartolini is a part of the DPD group, and they have rearranged their service to be able to offer shipping to the UK even after Brexit. Goods sent or imported to and from the UK will have to go through customs and they may be subject to VAT and other customs charges. If you want to learn more about shipping with Bartolini to the UK after Brexit you can check our extensive Brexit shipping guide.
Does BRT deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?
As a general rule, shipments booked through Eurosender and carried out by Bartolini, are collected and delivered from Monday to Friday. BRT standard deliveries will be conducted during weekdays. In rare occasions, during peak seasons when the volume of parcels increases significantly, courier companies may decide to extend their working schedule and cover weekends as well.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in September 2020. For more information about BRT tracking number, BRT courier services and prices, Bartolini delivery days and times, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.