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BRT, also known as Bartolini, is an Italian-based logistics service provider that is a member of the DPD Group. BRT positions itself as the company able to satisfy any consumer needs ranging from those of private customers to commercial businesses. When booking your shipment in Italy or abroad on our platform, our system instantly finds the offer with the best price-quality ratio for your route and requirements. We have an extensive network of trusted courier providers and, since BRT is one of them, your delivery may be performed by this courier.

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Frequently asked questions about BRT delivery service

Does BRT work on Saturday and Sunday?

As a general rule, shipments booked through Eurosender and carried out by Bartolini, are collected and delivered from Monday to Friday. In rare occasions, during peak seasons when the volume of parcels increases significantly, courier companies may decide to extend their working schedule and cover weekends as well.

When do I receive a BRT tracking number to follow the transit of my parcel?

In case our system chooses BRT as the shipping company who will carry out the delivery of your shipment, you will get a BRT tracking number once the order is confirmed with the courier provider. You will receive the tracking number in the confirmation email. To track your parcel, simply insert the BRT tracking number in the tool below. Otherwise, you can check the Bartolini website and use their tracking tool to check what is the current location of your shipment.

Every time your shipment arrives at a new location, the BRT tracking number gets scanned. This way, the tracking system gets updated, and you are able to get updates regarding your shipment’s location. If the status in the tracking system remains the same for more than 48 hours, we recommend you contact us. We will do anything to make sure that no problems have occurred, and we will update you shortly.


What is Bartolini’s contact number?

When your shipment was booked through our platform, we will take over all communication with the courier on your behalf. For any query or issue, you can simply send us a message and we will gladly assist you in the best way possible. However, if you wish to contact BRT courier services personally, you can find the BRT contact number in our dedicated section.
If you booked the service directly with BRT, we recommend checking for their phone number directly on the company’s website.

What are the BRT restricted goods?

In general, BRT restricted goods are those items that are not accepted by the company for being shipped by any means of transportation. Here is a brief list of BRT restricted goods:

  • unpacked parcels;
  • boats;
  • machinery that cannot be palletised;
  • goods sent to PO boxes (discover alternative ways to send a package to PO box or parcel locker);
  • valuable and antique items (jewellery, paintings, precious stones, etc.);
  • goods that require a temperature-controlled environment;
  • lottery tickets and money;
  • goods that cannot be transported by law;
  • medical waste or materials;
  • inflammable and dangerous goods.

How can I benefit from discounted shipping services with BRT?

Eurosender always negotiates affordable shipping rates with our logistics partners, including BRT courier services. Furthermore, we also try to provide special offers to our individual and business consumers. Set up an account at our platform and benefit from our already negotiated prices, alternative payment methods and discounts. Consider that we also collaborate with various student organisations that can provide discount codes to students who need to ship luggage to a student dormitory or back home.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as complete lists of BRT forbidden items, BRT restricted items, BRT packing instruction and information about the cost to ship with BRT, always check the official website of Bartolini.