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DB Schenker is the division of the German rail operator (Deutsche Bahn AG), and it is one of the most well-known logistics providers. It connects by road the most important economic regions in more than 40 European countries, besides being one of the leading companies in the air freight and ocean freight market. At Eurosender, we have an extensive network of trusted international couriers, such as DB Schenker. Our system instantly identifies the offer with the lowest price to match your needs. This means that, when booking with us, DB Schenker may be the courier selected to perform the shipment.

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Most frequently asked questions about DB Schenker services

Do I need to print the shipping label when the service is carried out by DB Schenker?

Yes. When an order is processed with DB Schenker, the company sends the customer, via email, a shipping label that has to be attached to the shipment. If you booked the service with Eurosender and your order was confirmed with DB Schenker, remember to check your email and also your spam folder. It is imperative to print and attach the shipping label to the shipment. Without it, the courier driver of DB Schenker will not collect the shipment.

Does the DB Schenker courier driver call before pick-up?

Generally, the courier does not call before collecting the parcel, but this may vary from country to country. We strongly recommend being present at the pick-up address on the day of the pick-up during the specified collection time.


Can I drop-off my shipment at a local depot of DB Schenker?

DB Schenker informs on their website that it is possible to drop off your shipment at the nearest DB Schenker terminal if a shipping label was already provided to you. However, have in mind that, when booking the service with Eurosender, the courier will arrive at your door to collect the shipment.

What is the DB Schenker working hours?

When booking the shipping service through Eurosender platform, you can expect the pick-up and delivery with DB Schenker to happen between 8 am and 5 pm. To get accurate information about DB Schenker deliveries during weekends and possible extensions of the pick-up and delivery times, we recommend checking their website directly.

What are the DB Schenker warehouse locations?

There are more than 2.000 DB Schenker warehouses that can be found in most of the countries the company operates in. If you need storage services and you book the service through Eurosender, let our team know, and we will organize all the necessary details for you to store your shipment.

DB Schenker tracking number. Will I receive a tracking number if the assigned logistics company is DB Schenker?

Yes. For every shipment that DB Schenker operates, a tracking number is assigned. This will allow you to follow the transit of your parcel. If you book a service with DB Schenker (or any other company) through our platform, you will be provided with a tracking number. You can insert this number in the engine below and get updates about your shipments.

This is how tracking works: the tracking system gets updated every time your parcel is scanned at a new depot or location. Does the same message appear for over 48 hours? We recommend contacting us.
You don’t have a tracking number? Learn what you can do.

How can I file a claim against DB Schenker?

If you booked the service through our website and the selected logistics provider is DB Schenker, we will act on your behalf and open a claim. You will need to provide us with the necessary documentation, and we will carry out the entire process.
If you want to file a claim directly against DB Schenker because your freight integrity suffered during transport, you can find all the information you need on their dedicated page.

What is the DB Schenker smartbox service?

DB Schenker offers a service called DB Schenker smartbox. It is a unique freight forwarding transportation service that creates synergy in the supply chain. This service provides transparency, the ability to monitor the cargo conditions, and an online real-time GPS tracking of the shipment. With the DB Schenker smartbox, the shipper will be able to access a detailed overview of the freight.

Are there any DB Schenker collection points?

There are many DB Schenker collection points from which customers can receive a shipment. These are usually kiosks, convenience stores, barbershops, or any other shop you can imagine. For parcel deliveries, DB Schenker offers the special Collection Point service with R-kioski, K-food stores, and independent Collection Points in Finland. DB Schenker Collection Point service is especially useful for companies with eCommerce activities.
Keep in mind that Eurosender’s services are door-to-door. That means that if you book a service through our platform, the courier driver will pick-up/deliver your items at your door. There is no reason to look for a collection point unless you had been unable to be at home at the time of the delivery.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as DB Schenker logistics services, DB Schenker shipping insurance and shipping insurance, DB Schenker FTL shipping or LTL shipping services, always check the official website of DB Schenker.