DB Schenker deliveries: shipping quotes, tracking and booking

DB Schenker is one of the most well-known logistics providers in Europe: DB Schenker international shipping services cover more than 40 countries by road and offer air freight and ocean freight routes all over the world. At Eurosender, we only collaborate with the best courier companies and have an extensive network of trusted international couriers, including DB Schenker. Our system instantly identifies the offer with the lowest price to match your needs, so DB Schenker may be the courier selected for your parcel or cargo shipping.

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DB Schenker freight and transport services

DB Schenker freight services are mostly conducted by road, as the company has the most extensive land transport network in Europe. Customers can ship freight and cargo through an extensive DB Schenker logistics services network. The company offers different cargo shipping solutions, including LTL, FTL and PTL logistics.

Their standard DB Schenker freight and LTL transport services allow clients to ship palletised or non-palletised cargo. These DB Schenker freight services include:

  • DB SCHENKERsystem: groupage solutions for shipping within Europe. For this service, you can arrange the delivery time-window for an extra fee.
  • DB SCHENKERsystem premium: premium service for delivering cargo faster. This option allows customers to book cargo deliveries before 10 am or 1 pm for selected routes.

Customers can also book DB Schenker international cargo shipping with partial and full truckloads (PTL and FTL) with their DB SCHENKERpart load and DB SCHENKERfull load services. Individuals and businesses can use these solutions transport palletised and non-palletised shipments in Europe.

DB Schenker delivery services and times

DB Schenker international shipping services include different solutions for individuals and businesses. Although they are most known for their different cargo shipping solutions, the DB Schenker international shipping network also includes parcel shipping. You can book a DB Schenker delivery directly to your house with the DB Schenker Parcel service, that can be used to ship parcels up to 30kg all over Europe.

The DB Schenker delivery times may vary depending on the country of destinations and the type of service, but generally, parcels will be delivered between Monday and Friday from noon to 9 p.m. Normally domestic deliveries are conducted in 24-48h depending on the route and DB Schenker international shipping services within Europe can take anywhere from 3 to 10 working days.


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FAQ: DB Schenker logistics services

Where can I find the DB Schenker tracking number?
When you book a delivery with DB Schenker you will get a tracking number. If you have booked with us, you will receive the tracking number via e-mail after your order has been confirmed. This DB Schenker tracking number can be used to localise your parcel or load while it is in transit.
How does DB Schenker track and trace service work?
Every time the parcel is scanned in a new location, the tracking status is updated. To find where your parcel is, simply introduce the DB Schenker tracking number on their webpage. If you have booked a DB Schenker transport or delivery service through our platform you can introduce the number directly in our tracking tool.
What do I do if there is a problem during the delivery with DB Schenker?
Sometimes the DB Schenker track and trace system can give information about problems or delays in your shipping service. For example, if there has been a failed delivery attempt, the parcel may be taken to a DB Schenker collection point. If the tracking status is not updated in a few days, please contact us as soon as possible and we will contact DB Schenker on your behalf to get an update on your DB Schenker delivery.
What are DB Schenker collection points and how do they work?
The DB Schenker collection points are businesses, usually kiosks, convenience stores, barbershops, or any other shop you can imagine, where you can pick up or drop off a DB Schenker parcel.
Keep in mind that Eurosender services are door-to-door. That means that if you book a service through our platform, the courier driver will pick-up/deliver your items at the designated address, without the need to go to a collection store.
Can I drop off my parcel at a DB Schenker collection point?
If you already have the shipping label, you can bring your parcel to a DB Schenker collection point. Additionally, if there has been an attempted delivery or if the courier driver could not reach you when making the delivery, you may be able to collect your parcel at one of the DB Schenker collection points.
What are DB Schenker working hours?
The DB Schenker working hours depend on the country of origin and destination, although in most European countries you can expect weekday deliveries from as early as 9 am to as late as 9 pm. To get accurate information about the DB Schenker delivery times, we recommend checking the details of your specific route. When you book through Eurosender, you can expect DB Schenker to pick up your parcel between 8 am and 5 pm.
What are the locations of DB Schenker warehouses?
DB Schenker offer warehousing solutions in most of the countries they operate in, such as Germany and throughout Europe. To find the exact location of the DB Schenker warehouses, we suggest checking directly with the courier.
If you need storage services while booking the service through Eurosender, let our team know, and we will organise all the necessary details for you to store your shipment in the most convenient storage facility according to your requirements.
Where can I find the DB Schenker contact number?
You can contact DB Schenker with their official contact number that you can find on their webpage. If you booked a DB Schenker delivery with us, we will contact the company for you and make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf.
What is the DB Schenker Smartbox service?
DB Schenker Smartbox is a unique freight forwarding transportation service that creates synergy in the supply chain. This service provides transparency, the ability to monitor the cargo conditions, and an online real-time GPS tracking of the shipment. With the DB Schenker Smartbox, the shipper will be able to access a detailed overview of the freight, whether it is shipped via road, air, ocean or rail freight.
Do I need to print the shipping label when booking a delivery with DB Schenker?
Yes. When an order is processed with DB Schenker, the company sends the customer, via e-mail, a shipping label that has to be attached to the shipment. If you booked the service with Eurosender and your order was confirmed with DB Schenker, remember to check your e-mail and also your spam folder. It is imperative to print and attach the shipping label to the shipment since, without it, the courier driver of DB Schenker will not collect the shipment. You can check our dedicated page to discover the correct way of attaching it.
Will the courier driver call after booking with DB Schenker?
Generally, the courier will not call before collecting a DB Schenker parcel. We strongly recommend being present at the pick-up address on the day of the pick-up during the specified collection time.
Is DB Schenker a freight forwarder?
DB Schenker acts as a freight forwarder that connects customers with the best shipping solutions to match their needs. However, it is also a carrier that performs transport services and has a strong logistics network all over the world.
How can I file a claim against DB Schenker?
If you booked the service through our website and the selected logistics provider is DB Schenker, we will act on your behalf and open a claim. You will need to provide us with the necessary documentation, and we will carry out the entire process.
If you want to file a claim directly against DB Schenker because your freight integrity suffered during transport, you can find all the information you need on their dedicated page.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in September 2020. For more information about the DB Schenker tracking number, DB Schenker shipping quotes, DB Schenker collection points or the DB Schenker freight services, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.