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Kuehne + Nagel is a logistics provider based in Switzerland and is one of the leaders in the industry. The company is primarily focused on the air freight and sea freight transcontinental shipping though it also provides logistics solutions for land transportation. At Eurosender, our network is comprised of vetted logistics providers, including Kuehne + Nagel. Our system analyses our clients shipping needs and match them with the best transport solution available. This means that, when booking the service with us, Kuehne + Nagel may be the selected courier to perform the service.

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Frequently asked questions about Kuehne + Nagel shipping services

Can I get a freight quote for Kuehne + Nagel shipping services on Eurosender platform?

On Eurosender platform, you can make a free simulation for both freight and standard shipping services. Our system automatically selects the carrier that will carry out the service based on the offer with the best price-quality ratio for your route and requirements. However, if you prefer Kuehne + Nagel to be in charge of your shipment, let us know and we will provide you with the final freight quote.

What are the Kuehne + Nagel warehouse solutions and where are Kuehne + Nagel depots located?

If you book services through Eurosender and your selected carrier is Kuehne + Nagel, inform us about your storage needs and we will organise the storage of your items in one of Kuehne + Nagel warehouses.
Kuehne + Nagel is a global supply chain management provider. The company offers warehouse solutions managing more than 7 million square metres of warehouse space in 500 different locations.


How can I ship big loads with Kuehne + Nagel? Do I need to print a label for freight shipments?

In case you are interested in cargo shipping, you can get an instant quote for shipping pallets, or you can request an Individual Offer. In this case, our logistics experts will proceed with a customised offer and arrange the shipping with Kuehne + Nagel or another reputable company of our network. When you send heavy items, you will also be instructed whether you need to print a shipping label and attach it by yourself. Our representatives will guide you through the entire process and also advise you whether it is better to use pallets or crates to prepare cargo for transportation.
Generally, if Kuehne + Nagel carries out the delivery process, they will contact you before the pick-up to arrange all the necessary shipping details.

How do I find my Kuehne + Nagel tracking number?

Every order processed through the Eurosender platform is followed by a confirmation e-mail sent to the consignor. It comprises essential information about your shipment, including a tracking number. You can use this number to track your parcel in the tool below.

If you have not received it, contact us and we will re-send it to you.

What is Kuehne + Nagel customer service phone number?

If you booked the shipment on Eurosender website, we will take over all communication with the courier company on your behalf. If you have any queries or issues, simply send us a message and we will assist you in the best way possible. If you wish to contact Kuehne + Nagel directly, you can find the contact phone of the logistics company in charge of your delivery on our dedicated section. Just insert your order number and you will be able to see Kuehne + Nagel contact phone.

What items are forbidden from shipping with Kuehne + Nagel?

Kuehne + Nagel complies with an international legal framework related to transporting various kinds of goods internationally. For instance, air freight forwarding is done in accordance with regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Whatever transportation means is chosen to operate your shipment, you should get yourself acquainted with the list of prohibited and not recommended items. While explosives, weapons, and other dangerous goods are strictly forbidden, works of art and valuables are not recommended for shipping via courier as their loss or damage will not be compensated. Overall, shipping forbidden and not recommended items will be under the sole responsibility of the consumer. It is highly recommended to double-check your shipment in case you plan to ship to a gallery, campsite, to a residential area, or any other location.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as complete lists of Kuehne + Nagel forbidden items, Kuehne + Nagel restricted items, Kuehne + Nagel packing instruction and information about the cost to ship with Kuehne + Nagel, always check the official website of Kuehne + Nagel.