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Kuehne + Nagel: freight transport and tracking

Kuehne + Nagel is a logistics provider based in Switzerland, primarily focused on air and sea freight as well as land transport. Find out more about Kuehne + Nagel logistics, shipping services and tracking system and discover why they are one of our most trusted logistics partners. We match our customers with the best transport solution available, which could be the Kuehne + Nagel shipping services.

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Freight shipping with Kuehne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel offers international freight shipping, including air, road and sea freight. You can book different Kuehne + Nagel logistics services to transport freight, palletised or non-palletised within Europe and internationally.

Kuehne + Nagel freight services: Air freight

Kuehne + Nagel logistics and shipping cover most international routes with their airfreight services. You can choose between several KN international deliveries.

  • KN Express: door-to-door Kuehne + Nagel freight services delivering shipments in 1-3 days.
  • KN Expert: Kuehne + Nagel shipping in 3 to 5 days, door-to-door.
  • KN Extend: most affordable air freight option, delivered in 6 to 15 days, door-to-door.

Kuehne + Nagel freight services: Sea freight

Kuehne + Nagel logistics offers a series or sea freight solutions to ship cargo in containers all over the world.

  • Less than container load (LCL): ship palletised cargo on EuroPallets or industry pallets in containers shared with other customers.
  • Full container load (FCL): full-container loads for transporting freight or cargo on pallets.
  • Sea-Air Traffic: Kuehne + Nagel logistics solution combining air and sea transport to ship freight between Asia, Europe, North and South America, or Africa within 2-3 weeks.

Kuehne + Nagel road and rail transport services

Customers can book freight shipping with Kuehne + Nagel to transport cargo by road or rail.

  • KN EuroLink: groupage transport within Europe
  • KN EuroDirect: LTL and FTL (partial and full truckload) door-to-door across Europe.
  • KN Eurasia Express: rail transport services connecting Europe with Asia, with delivery times14 to 18 days. With routes to and from China.
Get instant prices for shipping road freight with Eurosender. Insert your route on our booking tool and book a pallet delivery, FTL, LTL or a van service in just a few minutes (no hidden fees). Check the price now.

Cargo insurance and customs clearance

On top of their international freight shipping service, Kuehne + Nagel offers freight insurance and customs clearance services for their customers. You can book the custom clearance service at an extra fee and add it to your Kuehne + Nagel freight service. Within customs clearance services, Kuehne + Nagel logistics offers:

  • Help prepare export and import documents.
  • Calculate duties and taxes.
  • Expert assistance in trade management and customs clearance processes.

When shipping with Kuehne + Nagel you can add insurance to your delivery with their KW Sure insurance scheme. If you have booked a Kuehne + Nagel logistics service through Eurosender the shipment already includes basic insurance. You can learn more about our insurance options on our dedicated page.


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Kuehne + Nagel shipping services: FAQ

What is Kuehne+ Nagel Drinks Logistics?
Kuehne + Nagel Drinks Logistics is a special KN cargo shipping service for delivering and distributing alcoholic and soft drinks between supermarkets, pubs and bars within the UK. They also offer VinLog, a series of Kuehne + Nagel logistics solutions for businesses to transport specifically wine throughout major producing regions in Europe. You can read more about wine shipping on our dedicated page.
Kuehne + Nagel tracking number: how does it work?
The Kuehne + Nagel tracking number is a unique numerical code used to identify and track every KN domestic or international delivery. The Kuehne + Nagel tracking number will be updated every time the shipment reaches a new destination. You can also track your shipment with the container reference number.
How do I find my Kuehne + Nagel tracking number?
If you are shipping with Kuehne + Nagel through Eurosender, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing all the essential information about your shipment, including a tracking number. If you have not received it, contact us and we will re-send it to you. If you have not booked a Kuehne + Nagel freight service with us you will find the tracking number on the email confirmation you got after booking the service as well as the name of the logistics company performing the service. If you have trouble finding your Kuehne + Nagel tracking number you can contact the company directly.
Can I get a freight quote for Kuehne + Nagel shipping services directly on Eurosender?
With Eurosender you can make a free simulation for both freight and standard shipping services. Our system automatically selects the carrier that will carry out the service based on the offer with the best price-quality ratio for your route and requirements. Since we partner with KN, this may be the logistics company selected to carry out your freight delivery. If you wish to get an offer specifically for Kuehne + Nagel services, you can request it directly to our logistics experts. Registered companies can automatically choose their preferred couriers and freight forwarders.
What are the Kuehne + Nagel warehouse solutions and where are Kuehne + Nagel depots located?
If you book services through Eurosender and your selected carrier is Kuehne + Nagel, inform us about your storage needs and we will organise the storage of your items in one of Kuehne + Nagel warehouses or depots that better suit your needs. You can find Kuehne + Nagel warehouses all over Europe as well as in some locations in the US. To find the Kuehne + Nagel warehouse closest to your location you can introduce your postal code on their webpage.
What is Kuehne + Nagel customer service phone number?
If you booked the shipment on Eurosender website, we will take over all communication with the courier company on your behalf. If you have any queries or issues, simply send us a message and we will assist you in the best way possible. If you wish to contact Kuehne + Nagel directly, you can find the contact phone of the logistics company in charge of your delivery on our dedicated section. Just insert your order number and you will be able to see Kuehne + Nagel contact phone.
What items are forbidden from shipping with Kuehne + Nagel?
Kuehne + Nagel complies with an international legal framework related to transporting various kinds of goods internationally. For instance, air freight forwarding is done following the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). While explosives, weapons, and other dangerous goods are strictly forbidden, works of art and valuables are not recommended for shipping via courier as their loss or damage will not be compensated. Overall, shipping was forbidden and not recommended items will be under the sole responsibility of the sender.
Can I ship parcels with Kuehne + Nagel to UK after Brexit?
Yes, Kuehne + Nagel will still be shipping goods and cargo to the UK after Brexit. However, all packages going to the UK will have to go through customs and could be subject to VAT or extra customs charges.
CHow will the Kuehne + Nagel freight shipping to the UK after Brexit work?
Import and export regulations have changed with Brexit, and all products shipped into the UK will have to go through customs and will be subject to import duties and regulations. The UK has left the common market and customs union, so shippers will need special documents before shipping freight with Kuehne + Nagel to the UK after Brexit. You can check out page on Brexit for more information.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in September 2020. For more information about Kuehne + Nagel tracking number, the KN international deliveries and shipping prices, KN track and trace services, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.