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Schneider National is an American logistics company that provides services such as final mile deliveries, supply chain management, and port logistics. The company, founded in 1935, has its headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Schneider National offers a wide variety of local and international transport solutions. At Eurosender, our network is comprised of vetted logistics providers. At the moment, Eurosender is not partnering with Schneider; however, our network of logistic partners is continuously growing. When booking through Eurosender, we will make sure to match any shipping requirements you may have with the best alternative provided by our trusted partners.

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Frequently asked questions about Schneider

Can I ship a pallet with Schneider?

When you want to ship a pallet with Schneider, you can do this through Schneider freight shipping. Visit the Knowledge Centre at the Schneider website to get informed about how to organise your transport, whether you are looking for Schneider sea freight or something else.

Where can I find my Schneider parcel status?

To determine what is the status of your parcel ordered with Schneider courier services, you will need the tracking number provided when the order was confirmed. In Schneider website you will find a section called “Schneider Parcel Tracking”, where you should insert the tracking number to view the latest updates on the status of your parcel.


What is the price to ship a pallet with Schneider?

Prices for shipping a pallet with Schneider depend on the dimension, type of goods, distance and other factors. With Eurosender, you can get instant online quotes for shipping pallets worldwide.

Are parcels insured with Schneider?

When you send a parcel with Schneider, there are several possibilities when it comes to insurance. Always check the terms and conditions of any shipping company you work with, also when you send a parcel with Schneider.

Is there are a Schneider telephone number or email available?

Schneider’s telephone number is 800-558-6767, available for support 24/7. If you would rather get in contact with Schneider courier services via e-mail, you will need to fill in the form provided in their website.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as Schneider telephone number, Schneider sea freight, Schneider parcel status, Schneider freight shipping, Schneider parcel tracking or how to ship a pallet with Schneider, always check the official website of Schneider Limited.