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UPS, which is an abbreviation for United Parcel Service, in an international company specialized in courier deliveries and supply-chain management. The name UPS is also often used when talking about subdivisions of the company, such as UPS airlines, UPS freight or the UPS store. The UPS headquarters are in Sandy Springs, Georgia and the company was founded by James E. Casey in 1907. Currently, UPS employs some 480.000 people and offers services and UPS storage facilities all over the globe.

Eurosender works with a wide variety of logistics providers, ranging from world-famous international courier companies, to the most trusted companies on local markets. Check the prices for international shipping with our tool below.

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How to place an order with Eurosender?

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Walter van Nuland

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easy website

easy website , i called the phonenumber , had a good short chat and filled the form and did a payment . i received immediatly a message that the item wil be picked up next tuesday , we hope the rest will ne good too . gr walter

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Adelina A

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Good service

Good service

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Good site, well organized and easy to follow.

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Quick, friendly and inexpensive!

Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

UPS services are globally available. However, UPS is not the only company that provides worldwide shipping and if you are looking for a reliable alternative, take a look at the benefits that come with shipping through the Eurosender platform.

The best price-to-performance ratio for your order within our vast network of logistics providers.

Suitable packing advice for practically any product.

Easy online booking with a direct quote. No additional costs after booking.

A blog that has not only been awarded but will also keep you abreast of everything that is happening in the shipping world.

Expand your business with a free online logistics department.

Individual offers for unusual shipping needs.

The cheapest way to ship with UPS and the alternatives

The cheapest way to ship with UPS or to book UPS storage facilities is directly through the UPS website. In spite of the long history and track-record of UPS, Eurosender can offer an attractive alternative for many shipments. Here are the options you have when shipping your goods through the Eurosender platform.

Standard shipping: An accordion, a coffeemaker or some fishing gear, these are just some examples of items that qualify for standard shipping.

Freight Shipping: No matter whether you opt for FTL, LTL, or PTL shipping services, always be sure to select the right type of pallet for your delivery.

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Dedicated Van Delivery: the Best option for speedy deliveries and relocations.

Individual offer: Ask our logistics experts for a personal quote when you have something that doesn’t qualify for the options mentioned above.

Besides the service that you choose, it also essential what other factors determine the price of your shipment.

  • Dimensions: i.e. length, width, height, and weight. Don’t forget that the packaging material should be included when measuring your shipment.
  • Distance: At the Eurosender booking engine you can easily enter the pick-up and destination address and see how much it costs.
  • Kind of items: When your shipment contains fragile, dangerous or high-value items, you should discuss this with the courier before placing the order.
  • Additional requirements: Storage, additional insurance and customs clearance are considered additional services and therefore also mean extra fees.
  • Delivery time: The more flexible you are with the delivery date, the more money you can save on your shipment.

UPS FAQ section

  • What is the cheapest way to ship with UPS?
    • Booking directly on their website or through a parcel broker will get you the cheapest way to ship with UPS. You can also save on your shipment by using UPS discount codes or a UPS promo code. Also, never forget to compare your UPS price with a Eurosender quote, so that you know where you stand.
  • How to pack your shipment for UPS?
    • In the UPS help centre, you can find clear instructions for safe shipping with UPS. You can also visit the packing page on the Eurosender website to find a wide range of dedicated articles to packing various items.
  • How much does it cost to ship with UPS?
    • The price of shipping with UPS depends on the service you choose, the distance, and the dimensions of your shipment.
  • What is the price to ship a pallet with UPS?
    • The price to ship a pallet with UPS depends on the number of pallets, the distance, and dimensions. Also, it matters whether you choose UPS FTL shipping, UPS LTL shipping or for example UPS sea freight.
  • Are there ways to get UPS discount codes or a UPS promo code?
    • When looking for UPS discount codes or a UPS promo code, visit their website from time to time or keep an eye on the companies that UPS collaborate with. Sometimes UPS discount codes or a UPS promo code can also be found at sports clubs that UPS sponsors.
  • Are there any packaging tips for shipping with UPS?
    • Packaging tips for shipping with UPS can be found in the UPS help centre.
  • Are there any UPS forbidden items or UPS restricted goods?
    • As UPS is a global organization and therefore has to deal with the legislation of many countries, there is not one list for UPS forbidden items or UPS restricted goods. However, when choosing your location on the website, this information can be found in the help centre.
  • Are parcels insured with UPS?
    • Always check the UPS terms and conditions when it comes to insurance for your shipment.

Want to know more about becoming a Eurosender partner? Or you have specific questions about the items you want to ship? Then don’t wait any longer and get in touch with logistics experts. They will provide you with all the answers you have been longing to find.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as UPS storage facilities, UPS forbidden items, UPS restricted goods pr UPS sea freight, always check the official website of UPS.