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UPS (United Parcel Service) is an American-based logistics company that offers international deliveries of parcels and freight. UPS specialises in Express courier services but also has subdivisions focusing on freight, air cargo and supply chain management solutions. Get all the information on UPS courier services, booking process and shipping alternatives. At Eurosender, we cooperate with world-leading courier companies, including UPS and hundreds of global carriers. Get a quote below and start shipping right away.

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UPS international courier services and shipping quotes

UPS provides international Express, Expedite and Standard courier services with prices that are naturally higher if compared to domestic routes. UPS offers guaranteed and day-definite international deliveries depending on your chosen route, size of the shipment, and delivery time.

Below you can find a table where we compiled some examples of delivery times and quotes for shipping a 10kg package with UPS domestically within the UK and internationally.

UPS national courier servicesDelivery timeUPS Rate
UPS Express Plus1 business day by 9 am42.35 GBP
UPS Express1 business day by 12 pm13.79 GBP
UPS Express Saver1 business day8.99 GBP
UPS Standard2 business days6.59 GBP
RouteUPS Express
Ireland – Germany94.37 EUR
Germany – Slovenia68.44 EUR
Poland – Italy68.30 EUR
Portugal – Spain48.52 EUR
France – Ireland82.79 EUR

With UPS you can also choose value-added services when booking international deliveries. Depending on the country, you can get the delivery notification, special handling, specific day collection, Saturday delivery and some other options.

UPS also provides pallet shipping services with UPS Worldwide Express Freight and UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday services. Businesses can organise the delivery of palletised goods weighting over 70 kg across Europe, the US, Canada, and Asia. Get an immediate quote for shipping a pallet on our booking tool.


UPS parcel lockers and Access Points. Where can I drop off my UPS parcel?

UPS has a wide network of drop off locations, also known as UPS Access Points lockers. You can choose to drop off your UPS parcel or pick it up from a UPS collection point during the booking process. The system will offer the nearest drop off location once you enter your and the receiver’s personal details. Alternatively, you can select a UPS Access Point by yourself. In the US, you also can drop the UPS parcel off at your local Post Office, in postal collection boxes or at traditional UPS drop-off locations.

Keep in mind, that parcels heavier than 20 kg or with a total size exceeding 330cm in length and girth combined are not allowed on UPS Access Points lockers. Also, you can’t drop off the package if the declared value is more than €3,000.


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FAQs about UPS international courier and logistics services

How to track a parcel sent with UPS?
When sending a parcel with UPS, you will automatically get a tracking number to check where your shipment is. You or your customer can use this number to check the location of your package and determine its delivery status. To track your UPS parcel, you can simply enter the unique number into a tracking field on the company’s website.
If you booked your UPS delivery with Eurosender, you will automatically receive a tracking number via e-mail to check the status of your delivery online.
Can I track a UPS package without a tracking number?
Yes, there are ways to track your UPS parcel without a tracking number. You can track your shipment by reference number, through UPS My Choice tool or UPS InfoNotice number, if you missed a delivery.
What happens if I drop off a UPS package at the US post office?
When shipping a package with UPS in the US, you can drop it off at the local post office. USPS partners up with UPS, so your package will be delivered normally but it can take some more time.
Does UPS offer immediate prices and online booking?
Yes, through UPS website you can get a shipping price after entering the delivery details such as the pickup and delivery addresses, the parcel dimensions and its weight. After this, you will be able to choose the shipping service and place an order online. When shipping pallets and freight, you will have to request a quote and wait for an agent to reply. Instead, you can get immediate quotes to ship pallets, book shared or full trucks with Eurosender.
Is UPS a courier service or a carrier?
UPS provides multiple types of courier and logistics services worldwide. In most countries and locations, UPS performs logistics services through their own fleet, acting both as courier and carrier. It is however possible that for certain types of services or locations UPS will act based on partnerships with other logistics companies either as a courier or a carrier. When booking services via Eurosender, we find the correct match for whichever route and service you require so you don't have to combine multiple couriers and carriers by yourself.
Does UPS offer freight shipping? How much does it cost to ship a pallet with UPS?
Depending on your location, UPS offers Air, Ocean, Ground or multimodal freight shipping services. In the UK, you can ship a pallet or container internationally via UPS sea or air freight services. You can ask for a quote to know how much it costs to ship a pallet with UPS on their official website. The price depends on the service, weight and route. You can also purchase optional services such as customs brokerage or day-specific option. When looking for the best freight shipping rates for your business, don't forget to simulate the price with the Eurosender booking tool. Through our platform, you can easily check how much it costs to ship a pallet with the vetted couriers or book a van to move your load within Europe.
Does UPS offer customs clearance services?
UPS customs clearance service helps businesses and individuals with the import and export of parcels and freight shipments. An UPS customs broker handles the documentation, possible complexities, and calculates the customs duties and taxes. At an additional fee, the UPS customs broker will help you transport goods that require special treatment.
Does UPS X-ray packages?
Every shipment crossing international borders is scanned and x-raid. When shipping with UPS overseas or between different trade zones, each package, parcel or load will be properly scanned and x-rayed to make sure no illegal or prohibited items are being transported.
What items are forbidden to ship with UPS?
With UPS you can't ship ammunition, money, alcohol, dangerous goods, live animals, plants, gold and other precious metals, tobacco and electronic cigarettes. To help you out, we have put together a list of restricted and prohibited items by UPS. However, before booking the delivery service, we always recommend checking the country's official law regarding what items can be transported and imported/exported.
How to get a discount or a promo code for shipping with UPS?
UPS sometimes offers discounts on domestic shipping rates and international shipping for small businesses. To check if there are is a discount for your company, please contact the company directly.
Are UPS shipments insured and will I get a refund for a lost package?
If the package shipped with UPS was lost or damaged, you can start a claim process and receive compensation. UPS reimbursement depends on the type of package and your location. If the value of your goods exceeds the maximum standard amount, you can use the Declared Value for Carriage to declare a higher value for your shipment up to the maximum allowed in your country or territory. In the US and some other countries, you can also purchase insurance for in-transit goods though UPS partners.
When you book services with Eurosender, basic insurance is automatically included in the price. The value of basic shipping insurance coverage, for international and domestic shipments, will depend on the selected shipping service. You can also buy extra insurance options during the booking process at low prices.
Can I ship alcohol internationally through UPS?
UPS allows businesses to ship alcohol to their customers or other companies. To organise the delivery of spirits, wine or other alcoholic beverages you should contact UPS directly. Always check the list of rules and regulations for the pick-up and delivery countries as they vary.
I missed the UPS driver. Will UPS make a second delivery attempt?
If you missed the delivery attempt because there was nobody present at the delivery address, UPS will often contact you via phone or e-mail to arrange another delivery attempt. It is not possible for the driver to attempt a second delivery on the same day, but this service can be arranged for the following working days directly with the courier. In areas where you have a UPS Access Point available, you may also opt for the driver to deliver your shipment at the pick-up store so you can have greater flexibility of hours to collect it.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in November 2020. For more information about UPS international courier services, UPS freight shipping options, UPS customs brokerage or UPS parcel lockers, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.